January 16, 2021

Is Sarah Savage Johnny Manziel Girlfriend?

Texas A&M Freshman Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy, but we wonder who has won his heart? ho is Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend? Is he dating anyone? Who is Sarah Savage?

Sarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend

20-year-old Johnny Manziel born in Texas to Michelle and Paul Manziel who also are the proud parents of Johnny’s sister Meri, went to Tivy High School in Kerrvile, Texas, after that he decided to pursue his major in Business from Texas A&M University.

Johnny whose nickname is Johnny Football has been awarded several throughout his football career, was named San Antonio Express-News Offensive Player of the Year, National High School Coach Association Football Player of the Year, Texas Associated Press Sports Editors Player of the Year and this year he  received the Davey O’Brien Award and well, most recently the Heisman Trophy.

Certainly that is all very interesting and awesome but we really need to know who is Maziel dating? any sexy girlfriend to celebrate his Heisman Trophy with?

Johnny Manziel has been seen with more than one girl over the years including those insanely sexy girls in a Halloween costume, and I think none of these girls were dating the 6’1” stud, it seems to me he is more of a ladies man than one lady man,

Here are some of the girls seen with Johnny Manziel that we told you about, recognize any of them?

.Johnny Manziel girlfriend picJohnny Manziel girlfriend picturesJohnny Manziel Girlfriend photoJohnny Manziel Girlfriend photosJohnny Manziel girlfriend picJohnny Manziel Girlfriend-photoJohnny Manziel Girlfriend-pic

Except that Manziel has a steady lady by his side , didn’t you know? he is for sure dating a pretty brunette named Sarah and she will be at the ceremony by his side, or at let with her in-laws and dear sister in-law Meri Manziel

Johnny Manziel Girlfriend 2012 Sarah Savage pic

Johnny Maziel’s girlfriend is  Sarah Savage and believe if you thought the girls in the photos above were sexy, Sarah is way sexier, she is a total babe!! amazing bone structure, amazing eyes a body to die for and those lips, oh man he is for sure a very lucky man!! Well deserve!!

Slimcelebrity can tell you a few things about Ms. Savage, she holds a bachelor of business administration / management and Operations from The University of Texas at San Antonio (2010) then in 2010 she enrolled at Texas A&M University, next year she will get her BA in Marketing.

Sarah Savage

Sarah from San Antonio, Texas has been in the Business Honor Roll, December 2009, UTSA President’s List, May 2010, Terry Foundation Scholarship, 2009-2013, Dean’s List, May 2012

In 2010 Sarah worked as a sales associate at Fly Paper Stationary, this May she became a sales and marketing intern at Copy Corner.

Sarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend imageSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend photoSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend photosJohnny Manziel Girlfriend 2012 Sarah SavageSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend picsSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend pictureSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend picturesSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend imagesSarah Savage Johnny Manziel girlfriend-pic

And when she is not working or in the arms of her football beau Sarah Savage is modeling, for 5 years she was one of the beautiful models at Avant Agency, Inc. since last year she has been represented by Julie Freeman Agency.


Sarah Savage is the gorgeous daughter of Brian and Bonnie Savage, she has an older brother Bradley.

Find Sarah Savage on Twitter  here and Facebook Here

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  2. OK, yay. Go Johnny Football. Why is she getting two bachelor’s degrees instead of pursuing a graduate degree at A&M? That’s a good academic school despite it being in Texas, and I’d suspect someone with that sort of high profile would take advantage of it and enroll in a graduate program as opposed to pursuing a second degree at the bachelor level….

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