January 23, 2021

Jami Lynn Rodman is U.S. Olympian/ Call Girl Suzy Favor-Hamilton’s Las Vegas Pimp.

Meet Jami Lynn Rodman she is the woman from Las Vegas who was once  a employee at Haley Heston escort agency and the pimp who since last year hired U.S. Olympian turned escort Suzy Favor-Hamilton. want to hear the rest?

Haley Hestom Jami Rodman madam

35-year-old Jami Lynn Rodman was born on October 04, 1977 in North Bend, Oregon, to David and Gladys Rodman both 68 and both from Oregon. Jami has two siblings brother Jeffrey and sister Martina.

Jami Rodman graduated in 1996 from Marshfield, High School, In 2006 Roman was president and Chief Executive Officer at Artonauts Fine Arts, she stayed there until December, 2010 when she decided to become a pimp at Haley Heston high class escort agency where she send Suzy Favor Hamilton to their clients, well she actually send Kelly Lundy Hamilton’s call girl name.

Jami Lynn Hamilton was arrested for speeding on August 11th, 2012  in Las Vegas she was released after paying a $395.00 bond, this however was not her first arrest back in 2000 she was arrested for theft and two years later for interfering with police.

Jami Lynn Rodman was once married, to 47-year-old Steven Ottinger from Coos Bay, Oregon, they go divorced in 1999 when she was 22, Ottinger once prosecuted for manslaughter for stabbing a man to death.

Jami Lynn Rodman profile at Facebook has been deleted, but I did find her on MySpace here, Bebo here, Google + here and LinkedIn here (Cached page) and even her wish list on Amazon here.