August 4, 2020

Jennifer Montana is Joe Montana’s Sexy Wife


Maybe Joe Montana is a retire football player, but he his wife Jennifer Montana is as sexy as any WAG in the NFL right now or even more. Have met Joe Montana’s picture perfect wife?

56-year-old Joe Montana was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers  in 1979 , he was selected during the 3rd round at the 1979 NFL Draft at the age of 23.

Joe played in Frisco for 13 years until 1992 when he was traded o April, 1993 to the Kansas City Chiefs. He retired on April, 1995 at the age of 39.

Joe has walked the aisle three times, his first marriage in 1974 to Kim Moses lasted only three years, then to Cass Castillo from 1981 until 1984 and last but not least comes pretty Mrs. Jennifer Montana.

Mrs. Joe Montana was born Jennifer Sharon Wallace in July 7, 1958 making her today a gorgeous 54-year-old woman. She was a model and actress, starred as Miss Lisa  in the television series  Adventures with Kanga Roddy.

Jennifer modeled for Sports Illustrated among others but it was while she worked for  a commercial Schick razors that she met her future husband.

Jennifer Montana and Joe got married in February 24, 1985, welcomed their first child  Alexandra Whitney born April 28th, 1985, they welcomed their second daughter Elizabeth Jean on December 20th, 1986 and then came the boys Nathaniel Joseph born on October 3rd, 1989 and Nicholas Alexander on April 28th, 1992.

Jennifer Montana now an oil painter and her beautiful family resides in San Francisco, California.

You can see their photos below!!

Jennifer Montana Joe Montana Video