January 22, 2021

Jennifer Sele is MLB Aaron Sele’s wife

Jennifer Sele is the wife of the former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher Aaron Sele, who received one vote in the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame. Check Aaron Sele’s wife below and her pictures after the jump!!!

Jennifer Sele

Jennifer Sele (nee. Howard)  born in Oct 20, 1969, her parent’s are William and Ann Howard, She has 3 brothers Matthew, Patrick and William.

Jennifer born in Washington but she moved with her 4 daughters Katherine, Clare, Caroline and Charlotte to Newport Beach and her husband to Newport Beach.

Jennifer got married with Aaron Sele who born in June 25, 1970 in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Aaron Sele is in the famous Major League Baseball, and is also one of the candidates to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Jennifer Sele is on Facebook here.

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