October 21, 2020

Jinkee Jamora Pacquiao is Manny Pacquiao’s Wife!!!

December 8, 2012, will be an exciting and memorable day for Mrs. Pacquiao since hubby and first eight division world champion will be facing for the fourth time Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez in a non-title bout at welterweight.

jinkee and many

Maria Geraldine “Jinkee” Jamora was born on January 12, 1979 with a twin sister named Janet.  Born within a conservative family from the district of Sarangani; Philippines. She is the daughter of Nestor and Rosalinda Jamora.  They are a middle-class family, she is described by her parents as an obedient and quiet daughter.

But who is really behind this world famous figure that hubby Manny Pacquiao has become? She was a consistent honor student until she pursued a job to work as a beauty consultant.

Wondering how they met? Well it was actually Jinkee’s uncle who introduce them and it seemed they have been inseparable ever since! They tied the knot on May 10, 2000 and a few years later they have four children and a lot of success in their lives. She has really been there in bad and good, rich and poor and all that lovey dovey stuff you say and don’t really pay attention when you are getting married. They met when Pacquiao was still in the amateur boxing stage of his career so she had no idea he would get this famous!

But she hasn’t stayed very quiet though, she has turned her regular common world into a celeb of her own! Thanks to her husband rose to fame she is now on T.V and is the endorser/model of Belo Medical Group and has been featured in many magazine covers; what do you think she would be doing if her husband wasn’t into the fighting world? That might be an interesting question for her!

jinkee jamorajinkee posing

Whatever her answer may be I’m sure one thing would remain the same, I’m talking about her unconditional support to Many Pacquiao! She was there from the very beginning ! She’s been there for countless trainings, tiring practices, sparing matches! They really have shared it all, the first victories, the knockdowns, the losses…From actor, to politician, to singer, to fighter! An impressive boxing record! With a total of 60 fights for the multitalented Philippine champ! She might as well be super woman in my book! Having to manage all that and dedicating time to her family seems to be very important as well as she stated:

“I demand more time with Manny,” “I need to enjoy more time with my family as much as Manny needs, too.”

Truth be told Jinkee has played a great role in the man Pacquiao has become, tuning him from worldly ways to an spiritual reawakening as he likes to call it and now they seem to have a very solid relationship.

Now 33 year old Pac-Man will meet 39 year old Marquez this Saturday night for the fourth time! So attention has grown around this expected fight from the first time they met 8 years ago! This might be the Mexican’s last chance to finally defeat the Congressman! So it’s a must see event of the year so place your bets! We also hope to see Jimora as well you can watch her in Facebook here and follow her on twitter here.