January 28, 2021

Joumana Kidd Is NBA Jason Kidd’s Ex-Wife

Meet Joumana Kidd, she is a beautiful, smart former NBA WAG, she was married to Dallas Maverick’s Star Jason Kidd, sure you remember their nasty divorce a few years ago? but even as things went at that time, she is standing up for Jason on his feud with Mark Cuban, I wonder how Kidd’s current wife Porschla Coleman feels about that?.

Jason Kidd ex wife Joumana Kidd

39-year-old Jason Kidd began his career in the NBA when he was selected by the Mavericks during the 1994 NBA Draft. Two years later he moved  with the Phoenix Suns, then in 2001 he signed with the New Jersey Nets and came back to Dallas in 2008 where he played until this July when he signed a three-year contract with the New York Knicks.

He got married to Joumana Samaha on February 21st, 1997 in Phoenix Arizona, She gave birth to the couple’s first child Trey Jason  on October 12, 1998 and then on September 28th, 2002 they welcomed twins Jazelle and Miah. A year before the girls’ birth Jason was arrested and charged after he pleaded guilty to a domestic abuse charge.

Jason Kidd domestic abuse mugshot

He was order to take anger management classes for 6 months as well as mandatory counseling, in the process he quit drinking and began to get more involved with his church, along Joumana, Things began to look well for the Kidds,especially with the twins’ birth , so when he filed for divorced on January, 2007 we were all shocked!

And  the catastrophic divorce was about to get much worse Jason said he was victim of Joumana’s paranoia, jealousy and constant threats, he said she would tell him she would make a false domestic abuse claim to get him in jail.

Read Jason Kidd’s Divorce complaint here.

And then came Joumana’s turn to hit him back, she did on February 15th, when she filed a counterclaim for divorce, claiming that during their time together she suffered years of abuse that began ever since she was pregnant with Trey and he assaulted her, she added that he damaged her hearing  when he smashed her head in the car’s console , broke her ribs and cheated on her several times with different women. Joumana denied threatening Jason by calling 911 with false domestic abuse claims.

Read Joumana Kidd’s Divorce complaint here.

Joumana Samah Kidd was born on September 28th, 1972 in Foster City, California. She has a BS degree in Speech communications and a minor in Cultural Communications from San Francisco State University. Worked as a marketing representative at  Anheuser- Busch, was a host for KPNX-12’s sports show Sins Jam Session.

Joumana who also worked a model got her first modeling job as a Bud- Girl while at college, in 2001 she became Tereme de Salsomaggiore Skin Care’s spokesmodel, and acting was there too; in 2001 she starred in Whiplash, in 2003  portrayed Jackie Gianni  in the t.v series Third Watch other movies that are included in her resume are Peephole Getting Even, ReVamped.

She has been a host for Extra, in 2010 she was in the cast of VH1’s Let’s Talk  About Pep, with Sandra Pepa Denton and Jacque Reid.

Joumana in highly involved in charities such as Our chance International, Xperience Outreach, Stay Strong- Steven Murray Foundation, International Children’s Foundation and Marble Jam Kids.

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