October 21, 2020

Kristen Bay is MLB Player Jason Bay’s Wife

Meet Kristen Bay she is Jason Bay’s beautiful wife and  mother of his children. Sadly we won’t be seeing Mrs. Bay at any Mets’ game since her hubby has been released from the team, but who would be the lucky fans to see Kristen Bay?

Kristen Beaulaurier Bay Jason Bay wife photo

Not a fab time in the field this is for Jason Bay, his team the New York Mets they found “little value for him either in the field or on the trade market, “ Bay signed a the four-year deal worth $66 million but he felt short for the height the Mets were promised so after coming to an agreement both parties part ways and Bay is now a free agent.

While he might be feeing pretty bad in the field at home is the total opposite, he had a beautiful woman as  wife and two gorgeous, healthy daughters that give him the strength to keep going even on times like this.

Bay has been happily married since November 6, 2004 to 32-year-old Kristen Ann Beaulaurier also known as Kristen Bay born on September 5, 1981, her previous addresses have been in Wexford, PA, Spokane, WA and Larchmont, NY.

When Kristen’s hubby was playing with the Pirates she gave birth to the couple’s first daughter Addison in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 19, 2006 and then came Evelyn Bay on September 16, 2008 in Boston when  Bay was playing with the Red Sox, then on May 3, 2011 with the Mets Kristen gave birth to their third child, a son they named Garret David Bay.

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