February 25, 2021

Krystal McCoy is Ted Ginn’s Girlfriend

Ted Ginn will demonstrate this weekend on the major game of the month, The Super Bowl, what is he made from. We hope we can see his girlfriend Krystal McCoy attend the match.

Krystal McCoy pic

The Ohio State 49ers Wide Receiver, age 27 (5’11’ / 180 lb) will be playing the most important game of his career. We remember last December when Ginn caught one pass for one yard in San Francisco’s Week 13 loss to the Rams. Ginn’s only target for that game was his second of the season. He was a fraction of the game’s main play, though, as QB Colin Kaepernick fouled up a playing field to Ginn with 3:04 remaining in the fourth quarter. The Rams took the resulting mishandle to the house for a touchdown. still with Kyle Williams out for the period, there’s not much to say if Ginn becomes a factor in the 49ers offense.

Ginn’s movements are flowing and well-organized. Originally recruited as a track athlete, it became a simple truth that there just aren’t enough hours in a day to tear between Ohio State track practice and Ohio State football.

Ginn still finds direction from Ted Ginn, Sr.—his father, high school football and track coach.

Ginn looks himself following the American Dream, a big house, wife and kids… He mentioned:

Oh, yeah. I’ve been with my girlfriend for seven years. We were high school sweethearts. She’s staying with me in Miami. She basically goes where I go.

He is not sure when are they getting married but he said:

I don’t know yet. It’s nice just staying together and having someone that loves you, having someone there to want to take care of you and understand when you’re struggling or when you’re down—who’s not really there for the money and loved you when you didn’t have what you have now. You know, it’s real love, and it’s genuine.

When he is far away of Krystal, they still call each other. He can still go to his mum’s house. Krystal can go there too.

A normal day in Ted’s and Krystal’s life is: Wake up; get an omelet with ham, cheese, mushrooms, and fresh pepper; French toast and a glass of milk. Ted would go to football practice, then go to the town that they’re supposed to go, then go back home: check on his dogs and Krystal.

He looks forward to teach his and Krystal’s kids to be respectful and honest.

He is a good guy though Krystal knows he hates taking out the trash. But that is not big deal hah?

The couple would love to have four kids, one named Ohio!

Krystal keeps him focused.