February 28, 2021

Laurel D’ Antoni- Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni’s Wife

Laurel is Mike D’Antoni’s wife who’s at this moment cheering up her husband that is about to take over a desperate team. The Lakers haven’t had a good start but must be eager to try something different now and see what happens… it can only get better right?

Laurel D'Antoni pic

This is his husband’s 3rd chance in the NBA. When he was with the Knicks, it wasn’t what he expected,  though he did great with Nash and the Phoenix Suns. Mike and his wife Laurel live in Rye, NY, he and his family now are successful in the media market.

52-year-old Laurel Leibel D’Antoni was born on  December 17, 1959, she got married to Mike D’Antoni father of her handsome 18-year-old son Michael.

The D’Antonis had to live in a retirement home at Westchester, NY due to the Hurricane Sandy. Their house was no exception on this devastated city. Laurel looked for a room at the home for him, as he had a knee surgery and was still weak.

The couple has been married since  1984. They met in Italy while Mike was playing basketball (he starred as a point guard and coach.) Laurel a former model wasn’t a basketball fan when she met him. Now she is a pro. No wonder…

He has always been a romantic with his wife. During this year’s Valentine´s Day, Laurel found roses delivered to her doorstep of her Westchester home. She was excited, but was not sure the bouquet was for her.

She says his husband is committed to his job and treats the players as friends. She tried to go to all the games unless their son Michael is playing a high school game. She also compares NY to Italy and this is what she has to say:

Same way in Italy. It’s the same way. New York is impatient. People do pay a lot of money to be entertained.

They really make a nice couple and seem to fit together. She is always giving him advice and we shouldn’t get surprised if she is the coach behind the scenes, and it seems she is doing it pretty well!