October 23, 2020

Life & Times Of American Athlete Alicia Sacramone, Brady Quinn’s Wife!

Alicia Sacramone, now known as Alicia Quinn, has packed a lot of living into her 26 years of life.Alicia Sacramone is Brady Quinn's Olympic Gymnast Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos) 1 Quinn married her long time love former NFL Quarterback Brady Quinn in a lavish ceremony in March of this year. The two became engaged in August of 2013, after dating for six years. Quinn was born and raised in Boston, MA to a dentist father and hairstylist mother. Ms. Quinn has an older brother named Jonathan. Quinn who will turn 27 in December, started to embrace the lifestyle of an artist at the tender age of 5, with dance and ballet lessons. She quickly flourished in the arts, her natural talents were quite obvious to the teachers and coaches that were hired to cultivate and nurture those talents.Alicia Sacramone is Brady Quinn's Olympic Gymnast Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos) 2

With the encouragement of coaches and teachers, Quinn began to study gymnastics very seriously at the age of 8. She was able to gain favor with the powerhouse Romanian coaching team of Mihai and Silvia Brestyan. Under that husband and wife coaching team, Quinn was able to excel quickly in the sport. She now had her eye on gold, and would continue to be coached by the Brestyan’s for the remainder of her gymnastics career. Her parents, especially her mother recognized her daughter’s desire and talents in the sport, and constantly encouraged her and did everything necessary to help her see her dreams come true. Quinn has publicly addressed the sacrifices made by her parents, in order that she be able to fulfill her dreams of becoming an Olympic Athlete.

With hard work that involved an extremely grueling schedule of daily practices, time and attention also had to be given to mandatory educational requirements. Quinn was able to qualify for the Olympic games in Beijing, China in 2008. Quinn had a heartbreaking performance on the balance beam, when she had a misstep and fell off of the beam. Her Olympic dreams were dashed in a moment when she fell from the beam. It was a heartbreak felt by Quinn and her entire family and coaching team. Determined to rebound, Quinn worked even harder when she returned to the United States to resume training.

She announced briefly in 2008 that she would retire from the sport, but quickly changed course and resumed training for future competitions in the fall of 2008. After some injuries and surgeries Quinn returned to serious competition in 2010 when she competed in the Cover Girl Classics. She was able to overcome not being heavily favored to win, to an impressive win in both the vault and beam events. Due to her impressive results at the competition, she was named ‘Athlete Of The Week’ by USA Today. She went on to compete at the U.S. National Championship in August of that year, and won the vault competition, earning her fifth title in her illustrious career. The last time she competed professionally was in 2012. Quinn has now alluded to her desire to devote her time to family and her life as a young wife and perhaps concentrate on starting a family.