January 24, 2021

Linaya Hass- Davenport University Dance Coach/ Craig Heatherly’s Girlfriend

Another romantic sporty marriage proposal took place at Davenport University during the Michigan school’s Midnight Madness event  when the mascot who was really Craig Heatherly proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Linaya Hass.

Linaya Hass Craig Heatherly bio

This is Linaya Hass soon to be Mrs. Craig Heatherly is  a dance coach at davenport University her beau is 24-year-old Craig  an assistant basketball coach for the Davenport Panthers who had the brilliant idea of dressing as the team’s mascot known as Pounce, faked an injury while he was dancing his butt off at a dance-off against Linaya.

So when Linaya approach him, he got on one knee, took of the mascot costume’s head and proposed!!

“It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time and the idea just hit me one day while driving,” Craig said.

“When he took off the head and I saw it was him I thought, ‘OK, alright, the joke’s on me,'” she said. “Then when he took the microphone, and I saw the [ring] box, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is about to happen.'” Linaya said.

Linaya Hass Craig Heatherly proposal pictureLinaya Hass Craig Heatherly proposal photoLinaya Hass Craig Heatherly proposal picLinaya Hass Craig Heatherly proposal imageLinaya Hass Craig Heatherly proposal

25-year-old Linaya McMillen Hass was born in Cassopolis, Michigan on June 1, 1987 to Glenda and Dean Hass. She graduated from Ross Beatty High School in 2005, she then studied marine science at the university of South Carolina graduating in 2009. Linaya has two beautiful sister Heather and Cally.

Linaya Hass parentsLinaya Hass sisters Heather Cally hass

Linaya a former beauty queen was the TOP TEN at Miss Michigan and Miss Capital City 2011, Miss Cass in 2007.

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As for the groom, Craig from Mishawka, Michigan  graduated from Mishawaka High School in 2006 and from the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2010.

Craig Heatherly Davenport University

Find Linaya Hass on Facebook here and Craig Heatherly here.

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