February 28, 2021

Louise Speed- Gary Speed’s Widow Wife

Louise Speed, soccer player, Gary Speed’s wife is being suspicious after the mysterious death of her husband. She slept outside in the car the night he died after a row.

Louise Speed picture

Gary said before dying that there were a couple of issues between him and Louise on the holiday. He confided this to Alan Shearer, and added that his marriage was in difficulties but he had vowed to ‘stick in there’.

Louise, 40 yrs. old, made the revelation during the inquest into the former footballer’s death at Warrington Town Hall in Cheshire.

Mrs. Speed admitted that she left the house after a fight and spent the night in the car, hours before he was found hanging in the garage.

She said:

We walked in the house and we had an exchange of words about something and nothing.

I suggested I would go for a drive. He blocked the back door and said, you are not going anywhere.

Louise drove heading top of the road and tried to call her husband’s cell phone. She parked up for a short time before driving back to the house at 1:30 AM. She tried to phone again but no answer. Her night drive was not the first time, since gossips say she she was having an affair with Duncan Ferguson.

It seems that even if this was an accident he obviously had suicide on his mind. He sent his wife a sms in the days prior to his death “talking in terms of taking his life.” Speed, 42 years old, who played for Sheffield United, Everton, Newcastle, Leeds and Bolton, said he would take his own life, but “dismissed” it because of his two sons, Ed and Tom.

No one knows the real truth about this but Louise’s stories seem bizarre…

This is what paramedic Michael Allan said about how he found Gary:

I was familiar with the address and we got there as quickly as we could. We could see the garage doors were open and could see Louise standing by the garage. I went into the garage and saw the patient at the back. He was lying face down at the bottom of the stairs with his face toward the bottom of the stairs. We established he had last been seen at 1AM and it was apparent that he was not breathing. The defibrillator showed no heart rate. Despite the low chances of survival, we gave him CPR for 20 minutes but there was no output. His face was blue and he was cold.

Before this terrible incident happened, we could tell the couple were having problems between each other. Just remember when Mrs. Speed did not attend the Gary Speed memorial match! His kids were there. His parents. His sister. All his friends and ex-team mates. Very strange, during that time, why his wife stayed away …