January 20, 2021

Maria Magana is MMA Ben Henderson’s Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Over the years since Ben Henderson left a mark at the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans have taken over the mission to find out more about the life of Smooth his nickname. What is Henderson’s bio, Who is his mother, brother but most importantly is Henderson married? who is his wife? if not married then who is  he dating? what is his girlfriend’s  name? Henderson’s girlfriend in 2012 is a sweet, sexy girl SlimCelebrity.com introduce you… Maria Magana or Maria Magaña.


28-year-old Ben Henderson dated a girl Katherine a few years ago, she is also  know as Katie O’Gara the Hawaiian, Hula dancer he  met in Hawaii in 2006, with whom he was once engaged to in 2010 but never got to walked the aisle, Fandaily.info stated that Katie is now in  relationship, and she is a mommy too. Good for Katie.

Moving on we get to know Ben Henderson’s new girlfriend Maria Magana a light featherweight wrestler at JCBJJ or John Crouch Jiu-Jitsu (Crouch is Henderson trainer).

Maria Magana mma Ben Henderson girlfriend

Maria was named the 2011 AZSBJJF  Women’s MVP, this year along her boyfriend at the Arizona International Open Maria won the gold defeating Kayla Reupenny. Did I mention she is a  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt?


And what about Maria? Young, sexy and deadly Maria Magana born to Mr. Michael Magana and wife Nancy Magana, I might be wrong but I think she has 10 siblings, 5 brother and 5 sisters.

Ms. Magana from Arizona studied at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Arizona. She worked at Marie Callender and currently works at the Blackstone Country Club.

When did she and Ben started dating? I think since 2011, when Maria won the gold, he congratulated  at Twitter..

Ben Henderson girlfriend Maria Magana

Judging for the photos I found at Maria’s Facebook, I think her relationship with Henderson is quite solid and both their families are happy for them. They have a cute dog together Athena it was given to Maria as a Christmas gift, not sure  but I  think Maria and Smooth are living together.

Maria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-imagesMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend imagesMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-images

Ben  has her name tattooed on the left side of his  neck (so cute). It was great to finally meet her. You can follow Maria on Twitter here.

Maria Magana Ben Henderson girlfriendMaria Magana mma Ben Henderson girlfriend picMaria Magana mma Ben Henderson girlfriend picsMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriendMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-imageMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-picMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-photosMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-picsMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-pictureMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-photosMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend imageMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-picturesMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-imageMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-photoMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-picturesMaria-Magana-mma-Ben-Henderson-girlfriend-pics

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