February 28, 2021

Maria Matias Camacho- Boxer Hector Macho Camacho’s Mother!

Boxer Hector Camacho’s mother is Mrs. Maria Matias native of Bayamon, Puerto Rico now living in New York City is flying out to see her son; who’s being attended after shooting last night at the Island.

maria matias camacho

Popular boxer and bad boy Hector Camacho seams to be in critical condition in Puerto Rico after we have learned he suffered fatal injuries from a shooting last night.

“Macho Camacho” as he is better known in the boxing world was the victim of the country’s insecurity according to his ex-manager Ismael Leandry as he describes the tragic scene in where the boxer and childhood friend Alberto Mojica Moreno were attacked as they were driving through Puerto Rican 167 street on a Ford Mustang with friend Mojica at the wheel and sadly who lost his life.

As for the boxer’s life appears to worsen by the minute, he was shot in the face as he was rushed to Medical Center of Rio Piedras, doctors expected him to survive in his critical but stable condition but now that does not longer seams to be that way since his condition got worse overnight and at one point his heart stopped; doctors now are trying to determined his level of brain activity and are waiting for his family to decide whether to remove the former boxing champion from life support.

One of those family members would be Hector’s mother Maria; who is devastated after learning the negative prognosis of her son. She flew all the way from NYC and she arrived at 8:00 am at the International Airport Luis Muñoz Marin where an escort awaited for her to take her to Medical Center and by her son’s side. She spent 20 minutes with him and she has no words to describe her pain. Now the family is discussing the possibility of donating the organs of the 50 year old boxer but no final declarations have been made.

Whatever happens there is no doubt Hector Camacho is one of the most recognized boxing personalities of his era and our best wishes go to him and his family as he goes through “the most crucial fight” the boxer will ever have to endure.