February 28, 2021

Clara Rivera is Mariano Rivera’s Wife (Photos, wiki, bio)

Mariano Rivera has been a Yankee for almost 20 years, but he will retire by the end of the 2013cseason, which means that we won’t get to see his wife Clara, a very sad news for all Baseball fans!

Clara Rivera Mariano Rivera wife pic

Not just Mariano Rivera also known as Mo Rivera is by far one of the best relief pitchers in MLB history he is one of the most well grounded and kind souls you’ll come across, his wife is no exception, I guess it is true after a great man is a great woman and Mo’s wife Clara is amazing!

You can ask anyone, and every single one will tell you the secret of Clara and Mo’s secret to a perfect marriage is their faith in God, Clara is a Pastor after all.

Mo and Clara got married in 1991, they have three sons together and they are three sons together and they are highly involved with helping other, last January they hosted the HOPE Gala at the Beckwith Pointe Club.