January 18, 2021

Maritza Monegro-Pascual Perez’s Wife

Pascual Gross Pérez nicknamed “I-285” and “Cutá” was born in May 17, 1957. He was found murdered this morning at 8:00 by his wife, Maritza Monegro. An insight of his life: he was a Dominican professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos, and New York Yankees.

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This tragedy occurred in his house in Mella 17 Street at the Sabana in San Gregorio de Nigua, San Cristóbal, 21 kilometers heading west from the Main City. She reported to the police that he was stabbed to death. His 3 children, sisters (Porfiria “Mami,” Ivelise “Morena” and Cándida “Pequita”) and wife mourn Pascual who died at age 55.

Maritza describes that the ex-pitcher went to bed at 9:00 P.M. This morning she found strange that the door and windows were left open and called his husband but received no response. She got in the room and found blood all over the place. Next to the corpse, a machete was found. This was sent to the medical detectives to be analyzed.

Pascual Pérez was discovered as a baseball talent by Neftalí Cruz and then enrolled for the Pittsburgh Pirates back in ’76. Cutá played for the Major Leagues for 11 years. His Win-Loss record was 67-68. Slim at 6 ft 2 in, 162lb., he received a lot of press coverage for his controversial life in and out of the field. He came from a family of baseball players: Vladimir, Mélido, Carlos, Darío, and Yorkis.

Apparently the assassins had to jump a big fence where the Pérez brothers have their home. The criminals went to the second level of the house and killed him on his bed since he could not even defend himself. He had an arm that he could no longer move because he was on a dialysis treatment, 3 times during the last week for serious kidneys problem. He could not even get out of the house.

Maritza is believes that people knew he received $4,000 a month for a pension the Major League paid him every month and wanted to extortionate him. Probably he refused to give them money and that was the reason of his murder.

The widow had to deal with his husband’s addiction problems and illness. His career came to an end when cocaine was taking control over his life.

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