January 20, 2021

Mataya Gissel- Dennis Pitta’s Wife

Dennis Pitta is touching down in Aberdeen. Mataya Gissel, his wife, must be with him at the moment, cheering him up for the big event.


Pitta will be doing restricted signing, autographing 80 items after the show.

Autograph vouchers will be given out at Adams Jeep starting at 4 p.m. A $5 contribution for each autographed article will go to the Living Classrooms Foundation.

Dennis Pitta, married Mataya Gissel on July 19, 2008 when Dennis was going into his junior year at school. For those that keep in mind BYU throughout those years it was the Max Hall to Dennis Pitta show on offense. Max married Mataya’s sister McKinzi a few years before Dennis and Mataya got together. Dennis and Mataya were, certainly, set up by McKinzi.

Do you think these marriages where the couples are in-laws last longer? I’ve met some couples like this and seem to be fine. The family ties are stronger but this is positive. So we will witnesses of this relationship and see if how it goes. She seems to be a nice girl and we don’t doubt that Dennis made a wise decision here. When choosing girls, the athletes have a lot of choices and they must be picky and select the one. Some go over looks but those who go more deeply as to place that on a secondary aspect choose better. Mataya is a good looking lady so Pitta is lucky he got the whole package together!

But choosing ‘The One’ is something that all of us have to deal with. No matter our profession or life style, we all have to face with this. The lucky ones find Mr. and Mrs. Perfect and the rest just find someone, period.

You can follow Mataya on Twitter by clicking here.

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