January 28, 2021

Matt Birk’s Wife Adrianna Birk

One of the key responsibilities for the Baltimore Ravens in this Sunday’s Super Bowl is to keep their quarterback, Joe Flacco, protected from the San Francisco 49ers’ respected pass rush…. Only right guard Marshal Yanda and center Matt Birk whose wife is Adrianna Birk retained their regular-season jobs….how will the Ravens keep up this?


The Ravens by no means led in time of control in the postseason excluding the second half of the AFC title game against the New England Patriots, which gave them the general benefit on the day. They were down 11:48 to 18:12 to New England at halftime and trailed to the Broncos 40:06 to 36:36 in the previous week. They also held the ball for just 22:28 to the Indianapolis Colts’ 37:32 in the Wild Card Round. Their third down conversions, especially in the first half of their playoff games, hasn’t been all that good quality, moreover.

So the Ravens cannot meet the expense of allowing any chance that comes their way to be wasted on next game!

Talking about the personal life of Matt Birk, he has always been enthusiastic to stand up for what he believes in and assist his community. He wrote in straight opposition to the gay marriage posture held by previous teammate Chris Kluwe. Adrianna’s husband was in fact named the 6th smartest athlete in ALL professionals’ sports by The Sporting News…

Adrianna and Matt have six children. She was Class of 1998 at Hill-Murray High school in Maplewood, MN (a private catholic school). Adrianna met Matt while serving tables during college, as Matt would recurrently go to her cafe. They ultimately found out that they lived only four houses apart…

Adrianna volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center and is pro-life. She is also an active member of a bible study group that she and Matt attend. Adrianna is a pescetarian (someone who is a vegetarian, but also eats fish) and loves cooking. lately, Adrianna opened a boutique shop that sells women’s clothing at parties.

Back in Dec. 2011, Adrianna gave birth to the couple’s sixth child, a boy. The name of the boy was Brady.

Planned Parenthood roughly seemed like a enduring match in the Minnesota society where Baltimore Raven Matt Birk grew up. Located just two miles from his house in St. Paul, the abortion clinic operated for 30 years.

Then, the godfather of one of Birk’s six children opened a pro-life pregnancy resource center across the street from the clinic. Adrianna, volunteered at the center.

Thanks to their hard work, the abortion clinic closed.

Matt remembers being besieged when he held his first newborn child in his arms.

He recalls:

It was unbelievable the love that I felt for her.

And any parent knows exactly what I’m talking about. At that point, you know it’s not a choice. Life is a gift that’s given to us. We are supposed to accept it. It’s not our choice whether we decide a baby lives or not.

I don’t think I’m a superstar by any means.

But I’m glad (for) the platform that football allows me. I’m glad to use it to support causes that I passionately believe in and this is one of them. For me, it comes down to what’s right and what’s wrong – what’s God’s will and what’s not.

You can visit Adrianna’s FB by clicking here.

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