January 23, 2021

Megan M. Shaven Head Colts cheerleader

Nobody thought the shaved heads of the 25 Indianapolis Colt players that meant to be supportive with head coach Chuck Pagano, who has leukemia would encourage cheerleader Megan M. Shaven to shave her head too! All this is being done to support cancer research.

These last days, Colts mascot Blue sent out a challenge to the team’s cheerleaders on Twitter stating that if he could raise $10,000 for the disease research on the match between Colts vs. Bills on Nov.  25, one cheerleader must lose her hair under the razor! Megan said yes to the challenge this Sunday.

The mascot is requesting fans to donate to the CHUCKSTRONG fund on the Colts website. The research is being held at the IU Health Simon Cancer Center.

The Colts have also agreed with Great Clips to ask fans to show their support. They can shave their heads at no cost there and Great Clips will donate $10 to the CHUCKSTRONG website for every shaved head.

You can follow Megan M. on Twitter here @ColtsCheerMegan and on My Space at http://www.myspace.com/meganash

Megan M. / Megan Meadors/ Biography

Her real name is Megan Meadors. She was born in March 17, 1985 and is from Auburn, IN. She is an  Occupational Therapist who studied in the University of Indianapolis. Her favorite childhood memory was putting on variety shows for her family with her little sister Kelsey. Out of the field Megan is a wonderful occupational therapist.

Her favorite movie is  Slumdog Millionaire. She believes Julia Roberts is the best actress and loves to watch the Modern Family show . Her favorite food is her papaw’s homemade popcorn made in his special pan.

The best book she had read is The Da Vinci Code. She describes her hometown as lovely because there is camaraderie in the city when all join together to support the Colts, especially on Blue Friday’s. She says she always wear her Colts scrubs and their patients are decked out in their Colts gear too.

This beautiful girl is outgoing, organized and optimistic. Her favorite guilty pleasure is eating no-bake cheesecake and watching Big Brother in her PJ’s. As many grandchildren all over the world, her favorite prized possession is her Gram’s Candy Dish! She was Miss Indiana 2008 after Hoosier Katie Stam won the Miss America title. Still, she volunteered on Sundays for Miss Indiana University pageant rehearsal.

As for Men M.’s personal life, we think this handsome man is her boyfriend, can you corroborate?

Her advice for kids and teens is the following:

Be proud of who you are and embrace what makes you unique. Also be tolerant of others who are different and have different opinions than yours. You can learn from those differences. When we can agree to disagree this will make our world a better place!

When asked what would she bring to a deserted island she answered:

A boat, a boat captain, and a one-way ticket to civilization…..after a week


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