January 23, 2021

Melissa Guzman Cotto- Miguel Cotto’s Wife

Whenever Miguel Cotto is fighting, being beaten or him giving a punch to star boxers such as Floyd Mayweather, people can’t avoid taking their eyes of Cotto’s female deity, Melissa Guzman.

Melissa Guzman pic

We are sure this beauty is the perfect wife. Besides loving him unconditionally and remaining loyal to her husband, nevertheless he hasn’t always behaved… Her reactions during a fight or in the middle of a scandal, are compared to a grande dame´s conduct. You can see her distressed when her husband is being hurt by another boxer.

All of these attributes make her one of the most outstanding wives in boxing. We are always delighted to see this hot mum wearing a sophisticated make-up and hairdo. Her attire is always so titillating and yet classy. Her status as one of the hottest boxers’ wives remains on the top 3.

Guzman is just gorgeous! She always gets affected as she observes her man fighting and getting punched. She is always in between the crowd,  protecting her eyes as for not to see Cotto being hurt. No wonder he owns the WBA (super) light middleweight championship.

This Saturday the story is quite different. Cotto will fight in the ring against unbeaten Austin Trout. People expect this to be a crucial fight. Melissa must be lighting some candles to the Great Power in order for her husband to win this time.

Among the boxing circuit Melissa is well known as Cotto’s vertebrae. She has to stand against all the suffering her husband has to go through in the ring. She knows the dangers of this sport. You never know if a punch might bring a serious consequence and even death. A lot of boxers’ wives can’t attend a fight and those who do seem to be the most indifferent ones in the place.

This is not Melissa´s case. She is always there for him.  Though we know it must not be easy for her to attend the fights, she does it just to support her man. A match not long ago with Manny Pacquiao took a significant direction on Miguel, and Melissa and her kids were seen crying violently. She explained later her response:

It was something we did not expect. Not so much by the defeat because this is something he can recover again. But by the blows, because you know the pain and sacrifices made in life and your health is more important… Miguel is going to replace the defeat and will come stronger.

Miguel and Melissa Cotto have two sons during their marriage and a daughter from another relationship from Miguel, Luis Aquino, Alondra and Miguel III (aka Jun Jun). The couple has founded a non profit foundation called El Angel. El Angel helps children and teenagers against obesity.

Cotto has brought to this sport. He is total man of honor and family man. maybe he doesn’t have the charm,  but he is so brave and never doubts, not even a second.