February 28, 2021

Meredith Gray- NY Jets QB Greg McElroy’s Girlfriend

Meredith Gray is Greg McElroy’s girlfriend. Her sister Blair totally looks like her and sometimes people get confused and believe Blair is Greg’s GF. Thus, Meredith is shy with the cameras, in contrast with her sister who loves the attention.

Meredith Gray Picture

To support this fact, once Meredith was interviewed and she said this:

It’s been quite an adventure, that’s for sure. I just think it’s funny that people are so amazed. He’s a human being. He has relationships.

She is also delighted to not be shown on the television as Greg McElroy’s girlfriend.

But when Blair was photographed with Greg in a couch and she started posing, people tagged her as his GF. As for Blair, she posted about this on Twitter:

Good god I am not Greg’s girlfriend … lol

Meredith’s quote from the Bible on her home profile on Twitter reads:

Blessed with this lovely little life ❤ Psalms 84

She lives in Nashville, TN.

In Alabama Greg is a celeb. He is looking forward to finish his marketing degree  and looks forward earning his MD  in sports management.

This is what he says about his work in sports and school:

Usually if I set my mind to something, I’ve done a pretty good job over the years of getting it taken care of.

Meredith earns her major in chemistry. She adds that people in Tuscaloosa are shocked that such a light weight guy can be able to throw 17 touchdown passes and four interceptions in one season! She backups this:

Everybody’s like, Is he really that smart? Be honest. I say, yes, he is. You really need to meet him. He’s absolutely brilliant, on so many levels.

His GPA is 3.86 and he says:

Makes a big difference.

His dad is Greg McElroy Sr. and is Dallas Cowboys’ senior vice president of sales and marketing.

He calls his daddy:

My very best friend in the world.

His dad was raised 20 miles west of Southern California stadium. He remembers his mom buying the family’s first color TV, a 19’’, before a Super Bowl III. He says:

Jami will tell you, without fail, every time they run out on the field and I see those crimson helmets, I get tears in my eyes.

He met his wife, Jami back in the ‘78 when she was a cheerleader and homecoming queen.

She corrects him:

Actually, we met on his recruiting trip. The fellow I was dating was in charge of recruiting him.

Greg Jr. also grew up surrounded by sports. He hang around Wayne Gretzky at age 8 and went to 500 Dodgers games.

He was good as a baseball catcher, and in peewee football, he played fullback, tight end or lineman. He adds:

The head coach of the peewee team, his son plays quarterback, that’s just the way it is. I just loved football, being out there, the camaraderie. At that age, I didn’t understand anything. I liked to hit people and that’s just the way it was.

When he was a seventh grader, his dad asked him what position he would play, Greg answered:

I don’t care, line, whatever.

He became Southlake Carroll’s varsity starter in 2005.

He met Gray, from Decatur, Alabama, through friends. It was her first time dating an athlete.

She wasn’t a sport fan, but that is not the case anymore.

He says he liked her for this:

The thing I like about her is, before me, she didn’t care about football. She cares more about the person I am than the position I play.

They can not eat relaxed at their favorite eating spots (Bento, Mugshots or Firehouse) cuz they attract too many people.

When she attends a game, she hears:

That’s Greg McElroy’s girlfriend. It’s been quite an adventure, that’s for sure.

She is totally opposite of McCoy’s girlfriend Rachel Glandorf who’s a show off. When told she would be under the spotlight in a game she responded:

Alrightee, I’ll be prepared, thank you. What am I supposed to do, look extra cute?

You can follow Meredith on Twitter by clicking here.


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