February 25, 2021

Meri Manziel is Johnny Manziel’s Sister

Surprise surprise!!! or not really?? Were you expecting freshman  Johnny Manziel to win college football most prestigious award? Well that’s exactly what he did! And friends and family couldn’t be more in awe for this surprising weekend that turn out to be one for the history! Those close to him couldn’t be more proud and to one person now famous Jonny is just her brother! That is younger sis Meri.

Meri-Margaret Manziel is younger sister to Heisman Trophy winner John Manziel! Meri is a junior in high school at Allen academy in Bryan, Texas. The family is originally from Tyler, Texas but parents, Paul and Michelle Manziel, moved Johnny and his younger sister, Meri, to Kerrville about five years ago where the gifted quarterback has made a name for himself.  With God-given athleticism, unmatched passion and natural leadership, Manziel has had an impressive high school football career at Tivy High School where he completed 520 of 819 passes for 7,626 yards and 76 touchdowns.  In addition, he rushed 531 times for 4,045 yards and 77 touchdowns and caught 30 passes for 582 yards and five touchdowns.

But one more time faith came knocking on Manziel’s door and when Johnny Manziel signed with A&M in February 2011, the family, uprooted from Kerrville and moved to the Bryan-College Station area. Leaving some disappointed, since he had committed to Oregon first; but hey! you can’t make everyone happy right! Plus most importantly he felt staying close to home meant a lot for him and his performance since his support group wouldn’t miss any game that way! Despite leaving friends behind, baby sister Meri being the raging fan that she is of her brother was ecstatic to stay close to not only her blood but her best friend! What a great relationship they have! You can sense it from the pictures!

Meri describes her brother as overprotective saying he is even worst than their father! She said with a characteristic smile since she is a cheerleader! And she returns the love by being very protective as well of her superstar sibling since now he can’t go anywhere without getting ambushed!

But now after all the hard work, the moving, the nerves, the dreams, the countless yards, touchdowns, caught and passes, John Manziel has achieved what no other freshman had! His family could not be happier for this well deserved moment in history for the 20 year old! And how is the Manziel family being affected with this great award? Some of sister Meri’s impressions were:

“It’s weird watching all of this and knowing he’s my brother,” “It’s all so strange to me. All of these people are in love with him and I say, ‘He’s just my brother.’ “

He might be just her brother but for the rest of us he will always be remembered for this great award!


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