October 23, 2020

Misty Brown is MMA Fighter Nate Diaz’s Girlfriend!

Diaz’s girl, Misty Brown has some important duties this coming Saturday, December 8th! To be more accurate she has a date at the Key Arena in Seattle and most precisely to watch the main event! Since boyfriend and challenger Nate Diaz will be doing what he does best! Fight!

Blonde girl Misty Brown from Lodi, California has been dating MMA fighter Nate Donald Diaz for quite some time they seem so comfy with each other that they give the impression of being very much in love! They make a cute couple right! Very expected, you have on one side 27 year old Nate; he is 6ft tall, knows how to kick some but with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu boxing style, he is 155 pounds, from Stockton Cali and he is the favorite to win this upcoming fight! On the other side you have tall, skinny, blond Misty; nice smile, reasonable sense of fashion, from Lodi California, she is just hot Cali girl!

Nate Diaz became the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5 and he’ll be facing current champion Benson Henderson for the UFC lightweight championship this Saturday! With such great opponents could this be the so called “fight of the year” Well you can be the judge! So fans don’t miss out!

If you’ve ever seen the 27-year-old Diaz fight, you know how intense he is and it probably runs in the family since older bro, UFC welterweight Misty Brown’s stud, also mixed martial arts is for both a way of life as much as it is a vocation. This guys take it seriously, ND has been around 2004 and is going all the way up. Now Diaz has his shot at one of the coveted UFC titles, and in a fight that puts him squarely in the network TV spotlight again.

Having this opportunity, I imagine, must be a dream for any fighter but Nate Diaz has a very particular way of thinking that not many involved in MMA are willing to say out loud even though the idea might hunt them. He explained, that this encounter doesn’t mean he’s going to pretend that a fight is anything other than a brutal struggle dressed up as sport. And, when you think about it, maybe that’s the most refreshingly honest approach a fighter could take.

Now how’s your favorite? I’m no expert on this whole MMA thing but it gotten to grow on me and the stats I think are in favor of any but for some reason Nate gets a lot of attention with his high-level of Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills. Eight of Diaz’s 11 UFC wins have come via submission, most of any active UFC fighter. His guillotine finish of Miller at UFC on Fox 3 in May was the first time Miller had been submitted in 25 professional fights! What a memorable moment for Diaz. Finishing Henderson will be no easy task, however, as the lightweight champ has not been submitted since his third career fight back in 2007 just about anything can happen!

But, enough with all the testosterone right! We want to know more about eye catching Ms. Brown so here!

Take a look at Nate Diaz’ girlfriend pretty Misty here


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