January 16, 2021

Montse Chaure: FC Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova’s wife

FC Barcelona’s coach Tito Vilanova underwent surgery last November to removed a tumor on his his parotid gland, sadly it is believed the tumor has return. Barcelona is giving to their full support but there are looking for a temporary replacement coach, while Tito takes care of his health. Tito is been taken care of by his beautiful wife Montse Chaure- Vilanova.

Montse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife

44-year-old Tito Vilanova was born Francesc “Tito” Vilanova i Bayó in Gerona,  played in the midfielder position during his youth, first with Barcelona in the 80’s, he also played with UE Figueres, Celta de Vigo, CD Badajoz, , Mallorga, Lleida, Elche and Gramanet his last club before he put an end to his career as a football player in 2002 and began his path as coach.

Tito Vilanova younger photoTito Vilanova younger photosTito Vilanova younger pic

In 2001 he  became coach for Barcelona’s segunda division, by 2003 he moved to Palafrugell, then with Terrassa FC as technical director and appointed assistant manager at FC Barcelona B in 2007, the following year became FC Barcelona’s assistant coach under Pep Guardiola.

Tito Vilanova Pep Guardiola picTito Vilanova Pep Guardiola pics

On  April 27, 2012 Barca’s president Sandro Rosell announced Pep Guardiola’s departure and presented Tito Vilaova as their new coach, he signed a two-year contract on June 15th.

Tito Vilanova Barcelona coach picTito Vilanova Barcelona coach

It was last November that he was forced to put a hold to his job as coach to take care of his health, it was later announced by the Club that Tito  was diagnosed with Parotid gland cancer he had emergency surgery to remove a tumor on his parotid gland, on December 19th Barcelona sadly announced that Tito’s Parotid gland cancer has returned.

Soccer players all over the world tweeted their support for Tito and so did  Barca’s longtime rivals Real Madrid. Barcelona is looking for a temporary coach, assistant coach Jordi Roura emerges as substitute.

Tito Vilanova is married to his beautiful wife Montse Chaure

Montse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife-picsTito Vilanova Wife Montse Chaure Vilanova

44-year-old Montse Chauret also known as Montse Vilanova  is a graphic designer, who met her husband while they were 18, he was playing with Barcelona, they got married six years later in 1992 and she followed him all over Spain where he played.

Montse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife photoMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife imageMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife photosMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife picturesMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife images

on June 1st, 1994 Montse Chaure and her famous hubby became the proud parents of their beautiful 18-year-old daughter Carlota now a college student (Business School in Barcelona ESADE) and on February 11th 1997 Montse gave birth to her son  Adria now a promising 15-year-old soccer player with Barcelona’s B Team.

Adrian Vilanova Tito Vilanova  sonCarlota Vilanova Tito Vilanova daughterCarlota Vilanova Adrian Vilanova tito Vilanova childrenAdria Vilanova

Montse and Pep Guardiola’s wife Cristina are good friends, while the two families were in Barcelona they dined together several times.

We send our prayers to Tito, and his family, our best wishes on his full and fast recovery.

Montse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife picMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife picsMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife pictureMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife-picMontse Chaure Vilanova tito Vilanova wife carlota hija de tito picture

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