October 22, 2020

Morgan Beck Miller- Skier Bode Miller’s Wife!

A super excited Bode Miller twitted on September this year: “I have found the one!!! And convinced her to marry me. :-)” The super sweet Olympic skier was talking about super hot and now wife/love of  his life, Morgan Beck Miller.

morgan beck

The couple got married on October 7, 2012 during a ceremony in San Diego, California; after the overly ecstatic skier announced his short engagement via twitter on September 18, 2012.

He later tweeted:

“It was a process @MorganEBeck is hard to convince. I’m super excited!”

Awww nothing more moving for a girl than a guy telling to the world how in love he is!

Morgan Beck now Mrs. Miller is 25 year old pro beach volleyball player and model! She certainly has the body for that last job! She played collegiate volleyball at California for the California Golden Bears at University of California; where she was named to the PAC-10 All-Freshman team and was twice an Honorable Mention All-PAC-10 selection.

The athletic blond was born March 30, 1987 in Coto de Caza CA and she now resides in Hermosa Beach CA. This was before she twitted she was moving to San Diego to live on a yacht with future hubby.

So you would think this recently married couple is nothing but all over each other right now But! Ok, you might be right but! accidents do happen!

During a golf play date for the couple on Wednesday Miller 34, accidentally hit Beck with an errant golf drive! Opening literally a whole on her upper eyelid! The gold shot to his hot model and wife resulted in a gruesome injury; the 6’3’’ volleyball player needed more than 50 stiches! And for a regular person it would be like the worst thing ever but for her being a model! I don’t know I’m just thinking hubby Bode will have to be very creative for his wife’s Christmas gift!

Fortunately this unlucky turn of events is not taking any grievance on the model’s attitude! Plus their marriage seems to be very solid, she recently wrote on  her personal website about how she and hubby had just ended a spiritual retreat? Even more she wrote she wasn’t worried about the hurdles coming up! And to think just days before of the terrible golf struck, wow so all this must be nothing for the couple right!?

Best wishes on her recovery!

You can follow her on twitter here and take a look at her on Facebook here.