February 26, 2021

NASCAR Driver Jason White and Bachelorrette Emily Maynard dating or Not?? Find Out!!

There is a new couple in town, in sports and entertainment as NASCAR driver Jason White  is  reportedly dating Bachelorette Emily Maynard, talked about moving on fast, did she just split up with Jef Holm? and who did Jason White used to date?

NASCAR Jason White Emily Maynard pic


It seems that Emily Maynard continues to be  in love with love in the fast track, by that I don’t mean that she hooked up with another guy within weeks from her split with her ex- beau Jef Holm, but that she once again has fallen for a car racer.

Emily’s ex boyfriend and father of her beautiful 7-year-old daughter Ricky was Ricky Hendrick another car racer who died in a plane crash right after she found out she was pregnant.

Emily Maynard Ricky HendrickRicki_Hendrick

26-year-old beauty then became engaged to Jef Holm after he popped the question during the last season of the Bachelorette, but they broke up just weeks ago, the reason became  a rumor that included infidelities fron both parts, Jef with an ex-girlfriend and her with Matt Leinart the back-up quarterback for the Oakland raiders, making her a new sports WAG

Well Emily is a wag, not NFL wag but a NASCAR wag, according to UsWeekly she is dating 33-year-old Virginia born NASCAR racer Jason White, with whom she was spotted getting very cozy on November 3, at the Carrie Underwood concert in NC.

Jason White Emily Maynard photoNascar jason white Emily Maynard

“They were all over each other,” says a witness who saw the single mom, 26, and the Richmond, Virginia-bred driver on a group date at. Jason guided her through the crowd and held her hand as they walked downstairs.” (They later ventured off alone to the club Suite, a source tells Us).

Ok, so this could be a good news, if it was true, which sadly isn’t. Emily went to Twitter to denied the dating rumors and her rep talked to E! about it..

Emily Maynard Emily MaynardVerified@EmilyMaynard @MarniBattista @The_Stir @TheMommyologist Not true.. still totally single sorry :(“

“Emily and Jason are not dating,” her manager tells E! News. “They’ve been friends forever and she was just enjoying a much-needed night out with a group of friends at the Carrie Underwood concert. Emily is enjoying being single and being a mom.”

So there  you go Emily is single and so is Jason White, any takers???