October 21, 2020

Nechole Thomas- Drunk Driver In Delanie Walker’s Aunt and Uncle Accident

On Sunday San Francisco 49ers’ tight end Delanie Walker didn’t just suffered losing the Super Bowl title to the Baltimore Ravens, but he also suffered the tragic death of birth his aunt and uncle Alice and Bryan Young who were killed by a drunk driver Nechole Thomas who slammed her Mercedes into theirs.

alice brian young delanie walker aunt and uncle nechole thomas pic

According to media Alice and Bryan Young went to New Orleans to support their nephew Delanie, after the game they drove in their 2012  Nissan Altima, they pulled over on Interstate 10 near mile marker 214.where also  26-year-old Nechole T. Thomas was driving her 2002 Mercedes C230 drunk and at high speed, she slammed her car into the Youngs.

Both cars were in flames, Nechole Thomas managed to get out of her cars, sadly Mr. and Mrs. Young didn’t made it, they were pronounced death at the scene.

Thomas who suffered minor injuries was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated and reckless operation of a vehicle. She is being held in the St. Charles Parish Correction Center, her bond is set at $300,000.

Delanie Walker Tweeted about his love ones..

“Alice and Bryan Young my aunt and uncle was killed on Monday at 5 am after the super bowl by a drunk.” Walker added, “Im going to miss y’all but i know they are in a better place.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Delanie Walker and his family during this terrible time.

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