February 25, 2021

Nicole Macias McNamara Is Daredevil Surfer Garrett McNamara’s Wife

American Daredevil surfer Garrett McNamara  has done it again this time he even broke his own world record by riding a 100 feet high wave in Nazare, Portugal, that was for sure a jaw dropping image, but not as much as his beautiful wife Nicole Macias McNamara.


45-year-old Garrett McNamara from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, he then lived in Berkley, Cali and by the time he turned 12 he and his family moved to Hawaii, Garrett and his brother Liam were raised by their beloved mother. Garrett graduated in 1985 from Waialua High School.

Two years later he was riding the big waves and well, you  know the rest is history, he is a legend now! but what about McNamara’ has been married twice, first to his pretty wife Connie mother of his children.

According to one of Garrett’s stories Connie was his next door neighbor, one day he asked her for go for ice cream to a nearby Haagen- Dazs and soon they were dating. 41-year-old Connie L. McNamara (born on April 1st, 1971) became Mrs. Connie McNamara in 1994, she gave birth to her gorgeous 17-year-old daughter Ariana Kaimana McNamara, then came her handsome 14-year-old son Titus and on April, 2009 she gave birth to their precious Tiari. Connie McNamara and her beautiful family reside in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Sadly Connie is no longer married to Garrett.

According to some commenters, their marriage ended after Garrett had an affair with his now wife Nicole Macias, she was Garrett’s handler

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Garrett and 29-year-old Nicole got married last March 22nd, in Portugal. Nicole studied at St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, She worked at Florida Virtual School in Orlando, FL.

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  1. Connie and Nicole are 2 different people. Connie is Garrett’s first wife he had the 3 children with her. Then he had an affair with Nicole, so he cheated causing a divorce. Nicole and Garrett were married last year in Portugal actually.

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