January 16, 2021

Paul Hospenthal- NASCAR Danica Patrick’s Husband!

Paul Hospenthal husband of seven years to American Auto Racing driver Danica Patrick’s is now soon to be ex-husband according to recent announcement on her Facebook page stating that she and Hospenthal will divorce amicably. But for now we’ll focus on getting to know him a little better shall we!!!danica patrick's pics

Paul Edward Hospenthal was born June 5th 1965. He is a physical  therapist, he is a native of Tacoma Washington and he is 16 years older than Danica. She was 23 and he was 40 when they got married back in back on November 19th 2005 in Scottsdale Arizona and she also had to convert to Catholicism since that is Paul’s religion…Think the age and religion difference might have to do with marriage problems?? I mean either issue on its own it’s a big deal!

The soon to be ex-couple met when Danica hurt her hip during a Yoga class and they started dating after he nursed her back to health awww romantic!!! They became engage on thanksgiving day in 2004.

Hospenthal 47, is a certified strengthening and conditioning specialist and personal trainer! Wow he really knows his stuff and sure knows how to make someone feel better huh! But let’s keep on finding out more details about him; he graduated form the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma where he was a track star in the 400 meters race! I guess they both enjoyed the adrenaline of racing right! He also received a Fellowship in Sports Medicine from Western Michigan University!

No wonder he has catered athletes in all major sports! He is also a writer for Golf magazine and he has been featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Paul and Danica were not only partners in life but also in business, voted the most popular driver Danica and Paul sure appeared to be made for each other because of their line of work at least! They seamed to understand each other ..but I guess you never know.

We wish them the best now that both are on the market again! Who do you think would find love first??! A different kind of race! So girls I must say put on your best dress cause he sure looks like a great catch! Good boy, looks, intelligent and a nice chuck of money! Make a line for Paul Hospenthal!



2 thoughts on “Paul Hospenthal- NASCAR Danica Patrick’s Husband!

  1. Seems to me that Danica married much too young, and was impulsive. Paul probably represented a father figure to her. The age difference is far too great, and the religion difference was bound to cause problems. They stuck it out for 7 years, but I doubt if there was much happiness. Good luck to them both. I would love to see her win Daytona, or even be in the top five.

  2. Seems to me that Mr. Hospenthal has a history of seducing women much younger than himself and should be considered a pedofile for seducing a 16 year old patient. It is obvious that Mr. Hospenthal took advantage of Ms. Patrick while she was a patient as he had in the past with other patients and she finally woke up and smelled the coffee. I am sure he will be awarded lots of her money for that error in judgment.

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