February 25, 2021

PHOTOS: The SF 49ers Cheerleaders “The San Francisco Gold Rush”

The Gold Rush was founded in 1983 by e2k sports. The 49ers cheerleaders were named the “Gold Rush” to honor the enthusiasm that brought the public to California in the hunt of gold.


The Gold Rush started an uphill tendency for professional cheerleading and has developed the status as the best boogie team in the NFL. Members vary in age from 18 to 28 years and average 15 years of dance and amusement skill. All team members are full- time college students or graduates, representing such schools as M.I.T., Stanford University, UC Berkeley, University of San Francisco, UCLA, and San Jose State University. A lot of the Gold Rush members poise their 49ers participation with full time careers. These women progress in their distinguished careers as business marketing directors, doctors, e-commerce analysts, teachers, account executives, therapists and even presidents of their own companies, to name some. Their achievement exemplifies the clever, talented, and good-looking icon that the Gold Rush women defend.

SF 49ers cheerleaders pic 1 SF 49ers cheerleaders pic 5

Because of their name as a leader dance team, and the reputation of the San Francisco 49ers, women try-out from all over the globe, including Florida, Nevada, Utah, Illinois, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan. Many dedicated Gold Rush members take a trip from outside the San Francisco region to be a part of this trend setting team. Team members travel from Fresno, Sacramento, and even southern California each week for rehearsals, appearances, and games.

SF 49ers cheerleaders pic 2 SF 49ers cheerleaders pic 6

The 49ers Gold Rush have performed across the United States and all through the world to millions of fans who like their high- energy dance technique. Every year, the team’s charisma is requested at more than 300 particular appearances and charitable trust functions. Because of their nationwide praise, the Gold Rush has also been featured on many local and national television shows, including ESPN, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Extra!, The Leeza Show, The Total Football Network, and the FOX Network.

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Besides, the Gold Rush is involved in a lot of aid organization events that have an optimistic impact on the San Francisco Bay Area society, and the general public. The cheerleaders have volunteered to work along with the American Diabetes Association, Special Olympics, Shriner’s Hospital, March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, Susan Komen Foundation, Children’s Miracle Network and the Ronald McDonald House, as well as local fundraisers and charity work.

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The Gold Rush is the ambassador of the San Francisco Bay Area community; brilliant, talented, varied, and concerned about the community we live in. The Gold Rush has established a name as an astounding crowd of young women. Their blend of dance skill and community participation has set a standard for other NFL professional cheerleading teams. The San Francisco spectators love their team, and welcome the Gold Rush with open arms. The 49ers Gold Rush plan will continue to set trends for a lot of years to come up to.