January 26, 2021

Ravens Ray Lewis Girlfriend is Juliana Childress(PHOTOS)

Do you know who is Ray Lewis from the Baltimore ravens dating now? Is he single? no, he  is not, his girlfriend is this pretty lady Juliana Childress , continue reading and we will share with you everything we know about Ray’s lady plus don’t miss her photos below

Ray Lewis girlfriend Juliana childress bio

The black smeared under his eyes started to melt when he started hugging in the field and the locker.

Lewis was sitting on a bench in the Ravens’ training room after a 28-13 win over the Patriots that punched his permission back to the Super Bowl.

Then Terrell Suggs, his assistant linebacker, broke open into the room bellowing:

The Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!

Lewis looked up and said:

Say it again.


He also added:

Last year when we walked up out of here, I told them, I said, We’ll be back. Don’t hold your heads down because we’ve got something to finish.

That won’t be for two more weeks, at the Super Bowl against the 49ers in New Orleans.

Now let’s move to Juliana, his girlfriend.

Juliana Helena Childress, who’s 25, is an easy-breezy, glamorous chick who’s also owner of Spa Seven, a Timonium spa. She lives in Reisterstown and is also a fashionista. Among her favorite clothing brands are Equipment, CAbi, Flaunt, Ali, Me, Movado Coach, and Aldo. She rather prefers solids and no patterns. She says her style is:

Classic with trendy touches.

When asked what are her favorite fashion pieces she answered:

These Equipment shirts.

I have them in every color. When they come out in a new color, I always get it. I wear them with jeans, shorts, leggings…And I can’t live without maxi dresses. I love a maxi when traveling and when I don’t know what to wear. You can dress it up or down with flip-flops or heels.

Juliana Childress offers 7 services all below $75: Facials, Massages, Waxing and a variety of products to help you out to get a healthy skin, body and mind. Her boyfriend is also a shareholder from the spa.

Lewis girlfriends in the past have been Kimberly Arnold and Tatyana McCall and this baby mama.

You can visit Juliana’s FB by clicking here and  here.

Juliana Childress Gala_Benefit_2012 picJuliana Childress imageTHE COUTURE COUNCIL of the MUSEUM at FIT 7th Annual Award Benefit Luncheon Honoring VALENTINO

Juliana Childress photoJuliana Childress photographJuliana Childress photographsJuliana Childress pic

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  1. She keeps posting all these pics of herself. Old pics. Post some pics of you at the final home game.

  2. Juliana is so desperate. She is very much his ex-girlfriend and has been so for almost a year now. As
    Tug says these are very old pictures. Post some pictures of you with Ray at the last home game or at the Super Bowl darling…oh you can’t because you weren’t there, because you are his past!!!!

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