October 21, 2020

Rebecca Liddicoat- Robert Griffin III’s girlfriend/ fiancee

Do you know who is RG III’s girlfriend? Is Robert Griffin III really engaged to Rebecca? , Sure thing, Robert Griffin III proposed to his girlfriend and the girl of his dreams: Rebecca Liddicoat. want to know all about her? pics, Her Facebook account, Twitter, then check the story below!!

Robert_Griffin_III_Rebecca_Liddicoat pic

Rebecca Liddicoat of Boulder, Colorado is engaged with Robert. He popped the question this way:

Well, there’s lies involved in proposals, so I told her after the game that I had to go to the (indoor football practice) facility. I told her me and the team leaders had to do something in there.

So I told her I could do mine (Saturday night), and they were going to do theirs (Sunday), which makes it a bold-face lie. But she believed it, so I told her to come in there.

Robert-griffin-iii-fiancee-girlfriend-rebecca-liddicoat-7_crop_exact I went in the bathroom and my dad gave me the ring, and I walked in the indoor (facility), and I had candles everywhere. I had one of my teammates playing the guitar, so I talked to her and serenaded her. I walked into the middle where her family was standing with candles and I popped the question.

She said yes and she cried. So I did a pretty good job.

RGIII has a promising future with the Redskins. Now with Rebecca by his side, this seems even brighter.

Even though a zillion ladies are after  RGIII, Liddicoat is the only one that has stolen his heart. She also helps him staying focused on football.

Rebecca and RGIII have been a couple for quite a long time, she has always been standing by him in tough times, even though when his career was in danger after a knee injure.

Liddicoat is a loyal woman and that is a good reason for him to keep her. It is not common to find true love in these modern days. Robert met her back in baylor.

Rebecca’s quick facts:

She is 24 years old and was born on August 13, 1988. Her parents are Edward (56 yrs. old) and Laura (50 yrs. old.) Her sister is Lindsey (27 yrs. old.)

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