January 26, 2021

Renee Edgar is MMA Frankie Edgar’s Wife (PHOTOS)

Frankie Edgar has a beautiful lady by his side, his wife and longtime love Renee Edgar, mother of his children and for sure one of the sexiest and favorite MMA WAG’s in the UFC.

MMA Frankie Edgar wife Renee Edgar

Frankie Edgar from New Jersey the son of Mary Lubrano Annese (Italian descent) and Frank Annese, his sister is the lovely and  stunning Gina Annese. His family owns a plumbing company in Lakewood, Jersey Annese Mechanical. Now his wife is 30-year-old Renee Edgar who met her beloved wrestler husband while they were little children at kindergarten, Renee a Jersey girl also calls also Toms River, New Jersey her hometown. Renne’s maiden name is Renee Nappi, if we are not mistaken she has three siblings brother Paul and sisters Kimberly and Pamela.

Even though they knew each other since childhood, had mutual high school pals and remain relatively close, it was until college freshman year that they hooked up they were 19 at that time and have been together ever since.

Renee became Mrs. Frankie Edgar on April 12th, 2008 just a 10 days after UFC Fight Night where Edgar was defeated by Gray Maynard by unanimous decision in Colorado and he sadly loss the lightweight champion title.

Renee Edgar Frankie Edgar weddingRenee Edgar Frankie Edgar wedding photoFrankie Edgar wife Renee Edgar wedding photos

Renee and Frankie went to Hawaii for their honeymoon and just days later they found out she was pregnant. Her adorable son Francesco was born in January, 2009; on May, 2010 Santino James blessed them with his birth.

Frank Edgar family album photoFrank Edgar family album pictures

While Renee is used to watching her hubby’s fight (by used to I don’t mean that she still gets nervous and kills her to see Frankie get hurt), she was quite disturb and shocked about Edgar’s fight against Ben Henderson at UFC 144 in Japan, she was among the first people to demand a rematch, someone said they overheard Renee saying..

“Frankie should have been given the victory… now he deserves a chance to get his belt back.”

Follow Renee Edgar on Twitter here, you can also find her on Facebook here.

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