January 18, 2021

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is Fake Manti Te’o dead GF Lennay Kekua (PHOTOS)

This I hard blow for all of the people including me who shed a few tears when we heard about Manti Te’o girlfriend Lennay Kekua who died to leukemia last year. There might be a chance the whole dead girlfriend was a hoax and Lennay doesn’t even exist, the one responsible for making her up was this guy Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the question is was  Manti aware of this?


According to Deadspin 22-year-old Lennay Marie Kekua or Lennay Marie Wochinski who allegedly was Manti Te’o late girlfriend, and has been in Twitter under the usernames @lovalovaloveYOU, @LoveMSMK and ultimately @LennayKay and the girl that we met from these pictures is a hoax!!!

Lennay Kekua Manti Te'o Fake fgirlfriend

DeadSpin talked to the living girl in the photos and her name is not Lennay Kekua, they just told us that her name is “REBA” who identified Ronaiah Tuiasosopo an old friend from high school who asked her to posed for a picture with a sing that said MSMK (she didn’t know what the letters stand for, but she did it any way) next thing she knew her face was the Twitter profile for a Lennay Kekua who died of Leukemia last September while she was dating Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o.

Lennay Kekua @LoveMSMK

We were told she was a student at Stanford met him on Nov. 28, 2009 after Stanford’s 45-38 victory over Notre Dame in Palo Alto, according to the South Bend Tribune: “Their stares got pleasantly tangled, then Manti Te’o extended his hand to the stranger with a warm smile and soulful eyes.” Kekua, a Stanford student, swaps phone numbers with Te’o.

But according to tweets between Manti and @lovalovaloveYOU, hey met on Twitter in October 10th, 2011.

@lovalovaloveYOU Manti Te'o tweets

22-year-old Ronaiah Tuiasosopo 6’0” with 220 lbs. is the son of former USC/Los Angeles Rams player Titus Tuiasosopo now  a reverend, his nephew are former NFL players Navy and Manu Tuiasospo.  Ronaiah was a sophomore at Antelope Valley High School in Lancaster, Calif he then transferred to Franklin High in Stockton during his junior and senior year, while there he lived with an aunt but turned to his father’s church after he graduated in 2008.

We found one of Talent Jug, were Ronaiah describes himself as a dancer, aspiring actor and musician..

[box] ” I am a young aspiring actor, singer, dancer, musician; basically well-rounded with an amazing work ethic. I am extremely passionate towards my music and the material i work with. I work very well with other people who have the same industrious mentality. I do not enjoy long walks, yet I do love the beach. Furthermore, I am willing to work hard for those who feel like I am the actor/singer/musician/dancer they have been looking for. Fondly, Ronaiah L Tuiasosopo. “[/box]

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Manti teo hoax picRonaiah Tuiasosopo Manti teo hoax picsRonaiah Tuiasosopo Manti teo hoax pictureRonaiah Tuiasosopo Manti teo hoax pictures

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo  is on Twitter, and  MySpace

This pics right here were once on @lovalovaloveYOU twitter and yes, all are Lennay or Reba whoever she is.

Lennay Kekua Reba photoLennay Kekua Reba photosLennay Kekua Reba pic

The web of lies if they were lies doesn’t stop there, because Lennay Kekua allegedly had two siblings sister U’ilani Rae Kekua and brother Koa who according to an old article here call Manti to tell him Lennay was gone on September 11th, 2012.

Lennay Kekua brother Koa

DeadSpin said this U’ilai who has her twitter profiled removed because it was a fake, featured pics of this girl Donna Tei, this is her on Twitter and on Google + here.

Donna TeiU'ilani Rae Kekua Lennay Kekua sister

Some people close to Ronaiah are almost  certain  Manti was aware Lennay was a fraud and collaborated with him for publicity. Others said Lennay Kekua is real and she did died, adding that the reason media didn’t find a death certificate or any record of he death was because the last name ” Kekua” is a professional name, her real name is Lennay Marie Wochinski.

There too many people talking about this and I think the only one who can answer all of our questions is Manti. Right? He said he was the victim of a hoax, he found out on Dec. 26 when he received a phone call for Lennay telling him that she didn’t died.

More pics in the photo gallery below.

*** UPDATE Lennay Kekua’s real name is Diane O’Meara

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  1. lennay marie wochinski
    That is a Seinfeld reference.
    George: That’s it! That’s it! I can’t take it. I can’t take it anymore! (Gets up, turns around, and confronts Ray) You stole the statue! You’re a theif! You’re a liar!
    Jerry: (Pleading) George.
    Ray: (To Jerry) Who is this?
    George: I’m the judge and the jury, pal. And the verdict is.. guilty!
    Ray: What’s going on here?
    George: GUILTY!
    Ray: Your friend is crazy.
    George: Oh, I’m crazy!
    Jerry: (Still pleading) George, george..
    Ray: I’ve got to get going. I have a class.
    George: Oh ho! Class, huh? At Columbia? Let me tell you something, pal. I called the registrar’s office. I checked you out. They have no record of a Ray Thomas at that school! You liar!
    Ray: Well, that’s because I’m registered under my full legal name, Raymond Thomas Wochinski. Ray Thomas is my professional name.
    George: You mean alias.
    Ray: You are starting to make me angry.
    George: Well, that was bound to happen!

  2. The reason for a ficticious girlfriend is so that he can appear to be straight when he is actually gay. This is a perfect cover to not be seen with any women. Come clean Manti, admit that you are gay.

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