January 23, 2021

Roxanne Siordia- BMX Rider TJ Lavin’s Wife

Meet Roxanne Siordia this stunning lady is unfortunately for many guys out  there off the market, since she is BMX rider TJ Lavin’s wife. Her wedding story sounds like a Hollywood movie or a classic novel from Spanish folk. After her fiancé woke from a coma produced by an accident on his bike, they got married in Las Vegas on Nov. 2 after 8 years together. Continue reading to know more about Lavin’s wife Roxanne Siordia from her biography below plus  don’t miss her photos and video after the jump.

tj lavin Roxanne siordia wedding

Lavin had to be interned at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas on October 14, 2010, with brain intumesce and a broken wrist, after a Dew Tour Event. Lavin lost control of his bicycle on a dirt track while executing a mid-air stunt. He began his career in BMX racing during the 90s, competing in the X-Games. He’s been the host of MTV’s reality show “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” on the 2005-2006 season.

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This is what Lavin told the media:

“We always knew we wanted to get married on Nov. 2 because that’s when we met.”

“I knew I was gonna marry her the second I met her. We thought about doing it at the drive-thru but we couldn’t go through with it, so I said I was down for City Hall. Fancy weddings aren’t our thing.”

“Tried to get away but to no avail! @roxannesiordia is now Mrs. Lavin … I’m a lucky guy!”


32-year-old Roxanne Siordia was born on August 12, 1980 to 55-year-old Cesar Siordia, before moving to Las Vegas in 2005 she lived in Perris, California.

Mrs. Siordia Lavin who is a nutritionist and  a model has worked on T.V. as a host, announcer and reporter for PartyPoker Series, AMA Supercross Finals, World Pool Championships, Steel Dreams, Matchroom Sports, LIVE NATION,ESPN/Dragon Promotions, Fox Sports Net, P. I. G, Art Mann Presents…, E!/HD Network, On the Red Carpet, Showtime, The Girl Next Door/Maxim Special, FX, VIP Access, Showtime, Out of the Box, ESPN, Mag-Rack and Speed Channel.

She has also appeared in covers and ads campaigns for the following: Budweiser, JVC, Miller, Coca-Cola, VP Racing Fuels, Alpine Stars Apparel, LV Magazine, 944 Magazine, Xyience, Maxim National Poster, Maxim, Stuff Magazine, FHM Magazine and Low Rider Magazine. Roxanne has a 13-year-old daughter Raquel, from a past relationship, who Lavin plans to formally adopt.


Check Roxanne Siordia Lavin on MySpace here, personal website here and Facebook here.

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