January 28, 2021

Sarah Harbaugh is SF 49ers Jim Harbaugh’s Wife

Meet Sarah Harbaugh here! Sarah Harbaugh is SF 49ers Jim Harbaugh’s wife. The 2013 Super Bowl features the Baltimore Ravens vs. The San Francisco 49ers, but most importantly two brothers will face each other Jim Harbaugh and his big bro John Harbaugh SF head coach and Ravens head coach  will fight against each other at the Super Bowl XLVIII which has also been named the Harbaugh Bowl,HarBowl, SuperBaugh, or Brother Bow along the Harbaugh brothers comes their beautiful wives, starting with the  girl in out story Jim Harbaugh’s wife Sarah Harbaugh.

jim harbaugh wife Sarah Harbaugh

Sarah Harbaugh’s hubby and his San Francisco 49ers advance to the Super Bowl and so did her brother in-law John Harbaugh and his Ravens  in what some described as mixed of emotions, and without a doubt pretty exciting….

Her husband said:

It’s a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because that is my brother’s team, and personally I played for the Ravens and have great respect for that organization. I know many of their players and I’m happy for them.

The curse part is all the talk of two brothers in the Super Bowl, and what that takes away from the players in this game. Every moment spent talking about myself and John is less time talking about the players. I just feel like the fighters are first — the players are the ones who had the most to do with this.

Harbaugh deserves recognition for trying to put the players foremost.

Jim Harbaugh has called himself “half the coach,” his brother John is.

He added:

That’s pretty well documented.

I’ve talked about it quite a bit. He’s a great coach with a real grasp of all phases of the game. He could coach two of the phases and do it as well as anyone in the league.

I probably have half the coaching experience he has, half the number of wins, half the playoff wins. I’m very proud of my brother. I love him, and that’s the blessing part — that this is happening to him.

Sarah Harbaugh on the other hand, formerly Sarah Feuerborn met the then San Diego State head coach in the parking lot of a PF Chang’s in 2006, just months before Harbaugh flew to Stanford for their head coaching appearance. Sarah was living in Las Vegas, and Jim Harbaugh was newly divorced from ex-wife Miah. They were married January 5, 2008. Jim has three children from an earlier marriage, sons Jay and James, and daughter, Grace. The pair has three children together, daughters Addison and Katherine, and a son.
He once tweeted:

“My beautiful bride, Sarah, the reigning ‘Hottest head coach’s wife in the Pac-10.'”

You can visit Sarah’s FB by clicking here.

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