February 26, 2021

Sharnika Kelly- Ray Lewis’ Baby Mama

Sharnika Kelly and Ray Lewis are on a battle in court regarding the child support and custody of their 11 yrs. old son.

Kelly  is fighting against an agreement they had together back in 2001 because she claims he is hiding money from her. The original support was calculated as $3,500. Even though this was established long time ago, if this was settled, Kelly should stick to it.

Ray filed legal docs in Florida and he is upset because Sharnika is sneaking in his account statement. Maybe if she wouldn’t be picking on his business, he could have helped her more, who knows…

He says the money agreement is totally legal and Sharnika had a lawyer when she signed this. When there is paperwork with signature and stamp, then there are few chances that she could win the case.

Ray says he will always support his son because he admits his paternity but doesn’t want his ex to be putting her hands on his money. This story is very common not only in the celebs’ lives but in the ‘’mortal`s’’ lives too.

Lewis is reluctant about raising the tuition because he says she has a  judgment against her in a civil case of a big amount. We are talking about 6 zeros here… more than $1,000,000! The reasons why she is being charged this is unknown. She must be having a hard time and trying to collect all this money seems a hard thing to do.

Two possible photos of Kelly below, and there is also a chance she is neither of these girls.

He is worried Sharnika might use the money either for her current debt or for her other child.

Lewis is asking the court to order a custodian for his son since the money he gives is enough to support the kid, according to him.

Lewis and Kelly had a hearing scheduled in November, but he had to reschedule because he had to play in San Diego.

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