January 23, 2021

Sidney Ackerman is the Washington Redskins’ Catfish (PHOTOS)

Meet Sidney Ackerman, she is not real and the pics of her on the web are of someone named C.J Miles, whoever is behind the hoax received several date invitation by several Redskins players. even though Ackerman never met with any player and none became emotionally attached she did send one of them pornographic videos and photos of  C.J Miles an adult entertainer.


Nobody knows who is the real person behind the Washington Redskins hoax, someone made up a sexy Redskins fan AND named her Sidney Ackerman using pictures of C.J Miles the Philippine adult video actress for her profile picture on Twitter accounts @RedRidnH00d  here and @RideAndDieChick here (cache), Facebook, MySpace, and Instagram.

Sidney Ackerman twitter @RED_RIDN_H00DSidney Ackerman Washington Redskins catfishHeartbreaker rideanddiechick sidney ackerman redskins

Several Redskins players exchanged flirtatious tweets with Ackerman and tried to met her in person , but she kept cancelling, however it is believed Ackerman send a x-rated video of C.J Miles to at least one player. Phillip Daniels director of Player development with the Washington Redskins released the following statement..

Sidney Ackerman Washington Redskins catfish picSidney Ackerman cj Miles pictures

“I think it was all about attention,” said Phillip Daniels, the Redskins director of player development. I don’t think it was any of the other stuff. It was just about being able to talk to them, pretending to be someone they aren’t. It was never a situation where guys were giving money or anything like that.”

“If you think about it, a lot of them are single guys, and they see somebody who looks good in a picture or something,” said Daniels, who posted a warning. “In many cases, it involves someone who is a fan of the team, so they’ll start talking about the team. You have to recognize that something just isn’t right.

“But you’re talking about a lot of guys who are single. I don’t fault the guys. I fault the people who are doing this crazy stuff, causing these problems.”

Sidney Ackerman’s photo gallery below but in reality all are  C. J Miles’