February 26, 2021

Simone Ward is Hines Ward’s ex-wife

Former Pittsburgh Steelers player Hines Ward is already a father of his son Jaden from his marriage to Simone Ward and there is a possibility he has father a love child with a woman named Melanie Smith. I wonder if this Melanie is telling the truth did Simone knew something about it? is this Melanie Smith the girlfriend of Joshua Van Auker who was extorting Ward a few months ago?


Let’s hear the dirt first, about two months ago we heard the story about 26-year-old Joshua Van Auker the man accused of trying to extort $15,000 or he would released evidence that Hines paid a prostitute for her services, that prostitute was Van Auker’s girlfriend.

Probably not the same woman that claimed Hines is the father of her baby daughter, right? Melanie Smith said Hines ward if the father of her daughter, she said that if he denies it that he must take a paternity test to prove he is the real father and if the test proves her right? he should begin to pay her for child support.

Probably Hines’ ex-wife Simone ward wouldn’t care less about neither of these woman or she should be careful about Smith?

32-year-old Simone Ward from Atlanta, Texas grew up in New Mexico with her mom. graduated from Benjamin E. Mays High School, got a scholarship to the University of Georgia and graduated with a minor in African Studies and a major in Psychology.

Like her ex-hubby Simone comes from a mixed race background her dad is African/ American and her mother is Caucasian. She met Hines when they were teenagers in Atlanta, got married and then welcomed their 7-year-old Jaden Ward .

Simone Ward and her ex created the the Hines Ward helping Hands foundation in Korea to help teenager from mixed race backgrounds to overcome discrimination. Ward got divorce in 2010 and is still single, lives in Atlanta where she works as a sideline reporter from the Atlanta Hawks

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Interesting Facts about Simone Ward

* She is very athletic

*At high school she was in the track, tennis, basketball and volleyball teams

* Her first job in New Mexico was washing horses and herding steers through the chutes at rodeos.

* She has two older brothers

* After high school she lived with her father in Atlanta

* She has been involved in sports broadcasting since 2008

* She is known as Lad Simone.

* Her favorite movies are Coming to America; Pride and Prejudice; and To Kill a Mockingbird.

* She would love to meet and interview President Barack Obama.
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