February 25, 2021

Taylor Hardardt- Austin Trout’s Girlfriend/ Fiancee

Taylor Hardardt, fiancée of the world boxing champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout, must be nervous for tomorrow’s match… Her boyfriend will fight against another big boxer, Miguel Cotto…

Maybe you have seen her (if you are a fan of weddings…what woman isn’t?) in a TV episode titled “His Opinion,” were Hardardt and with Trout looked for the perfect wedding dress at NY’s well known Kleinfeld Bridal salon.

Hardardt, who is also the coordinating assistant for No Doubt entertainment, got engaged on June 27, 2011. She got pretty tired of looking the perfect dress near her area so she decided to go further to finally find the best gown for that special day.

When she decided to go to the store and ask for an appointment this is what she said happened during that day:

They were too busy. I thought maybe if they see that Austin is coming with me, they can get me in.

And she was right! The producer instantly communicated with her once he found out her BF was coming with her to the show. PR, ladies…! We should take advantage of this every now and then. She is a total Cosmo girl!

At the beginning, Hardardt couldn’t bare spending the whole day with a said cameraman. She says about the experience:

The attention is normal, but it’s always on Austin. So, this time, they cared about me more than anybody else, so it was pressure. I’m used to directing the attention to him.

She also adds after she got used to the entourage:

It was definitely a fun experience. It was like every little girl’s dream to go into this magnificent bridal shop. I thought it was very accurate to what my experience was trying on dresses in other boutiques. My consultant wasn’t trying to put on a show.  I thought it was very personal even though the cameras were there.

She shared the experience with Trout, her mother, his cousin and grandparents to help get decided.

When they got started, it seemed the couple were having a hard time choosing a dress. But at the end they agreed in what they expected to get in it.

Though as usual, Hardardt kept that secret. She said:

No, I wouldn’t dare tell you that, or else nobody would watch it.

Hardardt and the maid of honor will go to NYC in December to get the dress fitted.

The couple will get married at the Grace Gardens in El Paso in April.

Taylor Hardardt Bio

She is a student at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Her major is Public Health and Nursing. Associate’s degree in Public Health.

She currently coordinates at No Doubt Entertainment LLC. She started working there on February 2010. She basically assists her fiancé.

She is also a full and part-time student at DACC/NMSU. She has been here since August 2006.

She used to be a receptionist at Bueno Title and Escrow (May 2009 – August 2009). She did front office work, data entry and court house searching.

Taylor Marie Hardardt also worked as CNA in Banner Thunderbird Hospital and New Mexico Cardiac Care. She started working at CNA on November 2007 until November 2008 in the Telemetry Unit. At Cardiac Care she worked from May 2005 until October 2007. She assisted three Cardiologists in fast paced office with everything from blood pressure checks to administering EKG’s and Stress Tests.

She describes herself as being a hardworking perfectionist who’s passionate in anything that helps people. Her daily goal is to be as productive as possible in as many different ways as possible. Her highest priority is God and family, and believes that with those on top everything else will fall into place.

She plans to continue education in Public Health then roadrunner to the RN program. One day she hopes to be able to look back and see that she has made a positive difference in the world through God and Public Health.

She belongs to the following organizations:
    • St. Baldricks Children’s Cancer Research Foundation as a Fundraiser Volunteer.
    • Child Crisis Center / La Pinon as a Awareness and Fundraiser Advocate
    • Las Cruces PAL (Police Athletic League) she is married into the PAL Family

Her projects:

Club K.O. Las Cruces Youth Project Fighting for Healthy and Happy Kids.  Club KO aims to educate young people and provide decision-making techniques around peer pressure, drugs, bullying, and their health, as  interact with Austin Trout.

Battle of the Badges  Exhibition fights between local Police and Firemen.

 You can follow Austin Trout on Twitter here and his beautiful Taylor Hardardt here