January 16, 2021

The Valley Star Anna Kelle- Ashley Cole’s New Girlfriend

The footballer Ashley Cole is back in the dating game again, after getting a divorce in 2010 for cheating on ex-wife Cheryl Cole, Ashley is now dating The Valleys reality star and model Anna Kelle.

Ashley Cole and Anna Kelle


32-year-old Ashley claimed he had a mental breakdown after his divorce, but it seems he is back on track with his love life. Anna and Ashley met online via Twitter and have been dating for the past two weeks.

Anna Kelle pics

MTV reality star Anna was spotted with Ashley in London’s Chelsea Harbour before joining four others and going to a club at the luxurious May Fair Hotel. They were celebrating that Ashley’s team beat Wigan 4-1 on Saturday, and the couple only returned to Anna’s Kensington hotel at 4am. She later posted a picture of them on Twitter captioned: “London fun with Ashley x.”

A source told The Sun:

“They separated themselves from the rest of the group. Ashley had his arm around her for most of the night and kept kissing her.”

“They looked smitten and were whispering into each other’s ears.”

Anna Kelle, known as AK but called herself Kelly Simpson during her modeling days, is a 32-year-old glamour model, photographer, and also appears at MTV’s The Valleys as the “The Boss”, where she tries “to put an end to the bimbo glamour model stereotype and make the housemates realize that it takes hard work to make it as model.”

Ironically, she once said that dating a footballer was a poor choice for glamour models:

“We still have this stereotype of models being attractive but with no intelligence – I’m proof that’s not true,” she said. “A lot of girls think they have to be dippy, they have to be seen on the arm of a footballer and that is the wrong way to go.”

Bit it seems that Chelsea player Ashley Cole has persuaded her that he is worth a chance!

Anna, who has admitted to three boob jobs, has a reputation on The Valleys for speaking her mind, and worked in the Navy and as a bouncer before her career as a glamour model and photographer. She currently runs a Cardiff-based modelling agency.

She is mother of one son, they currently live in Cardiff where she is renowned on the glamour modeling scene for being outspoken. She states:

“There’s no glamour model more popular than me. Some people think I’m blunt, but if a girl doesn’t have what it takes to succeed there’s no point allowing them to waste her time trying”.

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