January 20, 2021

Thomas Vonn is Skier Lindsey Vonn’s Ex-Husband

Olympic female skier Lindsey Vonn might be considering using her maiden name from now on, after all she is officially not longer married to Thomas Vonn whom she wedded 5 years ago. So are you ready for Lindsey Kildow or do you think she should stick to her ex-hubby’s name??

Thomas Vonn wife

28-yea-old Lindsey Vonn is the ice princess of the Olympics, her ex-husband Thomas Vonn was something of a prince charming I guess, but now that they are officially divorce they will be opening for new icy partners.

Lindsey Von husband Thomas VonnLindsey Vonn ex husband Thomas

We all know plenty about Lindsey, don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful woman and an amazing athlete but if you are here reading if because you’d like to know more about her former flame Thomas Vonn, so this is a little biography we have prepared for you.

37-year-old Thomas Vonn was born on December 3rd, 1975 in Newburgh, NY to 71-year-old Peter Vonn and 68-year-old Inger Vonn, He has one sibling 33-year-old Christian Vonn. Thomas Vonn attended Northwood Thomas graduated in 2001.

Thomas Vonn younger years picThomas Vonn younger years

Like his ex-wife Vonn was a giant slalom racer with NEW York SKI ED Foundation, at the 2002 Olympics in Satl Lake City he placed 9th, by far his best result. He joined the US Ski Team in 1997,, left the team in 2005. After that he focus on becoming a coach for Lindsey Vonn.

Thomas Vonn Lindsay Vonn weddingThomas Vonn picThomas Vonn bio

Thomas Vonn got married to Lindsey who he later coached on September 29th, 2007 at the Silver Lake Lodge in Deer Valley, Utah, after three years of marriage on Nov, 2011 it was reported the couple began working on an amicable divorce, the divorce was finalized on January 9th, 2013.

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