February 26, 2021

Tyress Daniels- Javaris Crittenton’s Baby Mama/ Ex- Girlfriend

TMZ exclusively reported the news about another  athlete involved in a legal battle with his baby mama, this is getting too monotonous but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear about it, this times is Javaris Crittenton turn to face  his baby mama Tyress Daniels his ex-girlfriend and mother of his newborn son.

Tyress Daniels Javaris Crittenton

“I was breastfeeding the baby and we got into an argument over what the baby would wear for pictures. Javaris hit me in the face while I was breastfeeding because he said I had a smart mouth.”

According to Tyress Daniels she was breastfeeding her son when Javaris slapped her in the face, that was not the first time he attacked her, Tyress said he also hit her while she was pregnant, then again on Nov. 1st. at the hospital within hours after he gave birth, this time staff at the hospital stopped him and kicked him out of room.

The last time Crittenton attacked  was on November 28, the  incident left her with a bloody lip and scratches all over her face, if that wasn’t enough he allegedly send her a text message saying she would end up like her dead mother and he would get their son.

After Tyress Daniels filed court documents, the judge granted her a restraining order against Crittenton (ordering him to stay away at least 100 from her and their son), she was given a temporary custody of her son, this could become more  permanent if the judge agrees on during the next hearing on January.

Here is what we know about Javaris Crittenton’s baby Mama..

31-year-old Tyress N. Daniels was born in December 2. 1981 in California, she lived in Inglewood from 1999 until 2004, after that she moved into Woodland Hills,  then in Northridge and currently resides in Sherman Oaks.

According to her Linkedin profile Tyress Daniels has been an agent assistant at KW-BH, also worked as a Real Estate Agent with Privilege Real Estate Group Los Angeles,  Us Real Estate Agent/ Notary. You can also find her on Google+ here and MySpace here.

Tyress Daniels Javaris Crittenton