January 18, 2021

Uschi Ebenbock Is Germany Legendary striker Gerd Muller’s Wife

Gerd Muller 85 goals record was broken by Argentine striker Lionel Messi, who many said to be the best soccer player in the world (sorry Ronaldo) but even a that happened to one person the mark set by  Muller in her heart in unbeatable, we are talking about his lovely we Uschi Ebenbock.

Gerd Muller wife Uschi Muller bio

Uschi Ebenbock Muller’s famous 67-year-old husband was born in Nördlingen, Germany on November 3, 1945. He was 20 when he  joined Bayern Munich, before that he played with e TSV 1861 Nördlingen, Muller is a soccer legend not just in his natal Germany but around the globe, he scored 54 goals in 1972, his record as we all know was surpassed by the great Messi with FC Barcelona.

After he was done with Munich he played in the US with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, where he stayed until he retired from  professional soccer in 1982, after that he nearly lost all he had to alcohol, but his family and friends talked him into getting into rehab and beat his addiction.

After rehab he was by Bayern Munich II as their coach. Rumors about his health were once again overheard by German media when he wen missing  for several hours in Italy, he was found 13 hours later disoriented and confused, his team however said Muller went for a walk and got lost, no mention about his health.

“Gerd Muller left the hotel for a walk and got lost. He was only gone for a few hours, but the problem was that the team changed hotels.”

German news said he was taken by to Germany by his wife Uschi, which remains us about that other rumor about Uschi filing for divorce, whether that was going thru her mind at that time or not is unknown, but she stuck to his side and continues to be her biggest fan, friend, support and soulmate.

Uschi Ebenbock Muller Gerd Muller Wife

Uschi did split with Gerd before he left Bayern Munich and was succumbed to alcoholism, she gave he marriage a second chance when he signed with fort Lauderdale and moved to the United States with her husband and their only daughter Nicole, they even started a Steak restaurant. Sadly Uschi’s struggle with her husband’s addiction continued during the three years they lived in the U.S she was convinced there was nothing left to do to save her marriage, divorce was inevitable.

“I’ve almost destroyed my life by alcohol.”

When her husband put his life together so did their marriage Uschi Ebenbock, and Gerd remained happily married after 45 years they got married on August 21, 1967 two years after they met. They lived in Munich, Germany. Their beautiful daughter Nicole I now a stunning 41year-old woman.

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