February 28, 2021

Vanessa Tevez is Carlos Tevez Wife!

It seems this footballer is just a little more than a man who likes to play with a ball. He is also in a band with his brother and likes golf as well, but now he is likely to face some time behind bars for driving while disqualified..boring!!!…And is married to Vanessa Tevez, let’s read about her!

carlos tevez and wife

The 29 year old Argentinian footballer got married to Vanessa Mansillo, they are childhood sweethearts and they have two daughters together Florencia and Katia.

The forwarder star sure seems to have ruin his chances at driving again but one thing we know is that things between him and wife sure have gotten better, and if he doesn’t want to take the bus for his next Manchester’s practice he better keep it that way! Good boy!

Since the footballer and wife got back together in 2011 for the third time! It seems he has been in his best behavior; he was romantically linked to Natalia Fassi, Mariana Paesani, Vanesa Carbone y Brenda Asnicar! All of them while being married wow! I guess Vanessa sure knows what she wants and that is her family together, although they were apart during her pregnancies they got through the crisis and worked things out.

It wasn’t that easy for the Argentinian player, Vanessa made him suffer a little during a famous Argentinian talk show Vanessa wouldn’t want to speak to the cameras and denied to sit next to her husband during the interview hosted by famous argentine Susana Gimenez.

Back in 2009 Tevez was found driving without a full UK driving license and at the time his car was impound, this time he was stopped after his practice on his way home and what he thought was a normal day ended on his wife bailing him out of jail.

Now 27 year old Vanessa has nothing but love and support for him and her family.