February 28, 2021

Victoria Bow Is Braylon Edwards’ Girlfriend

So we heard about Braylon Edwards’ latest baby mama drama, two baby mama two child supports lawsuits, but Braylon has eyes for just one lady his girlfriend Victoria Bow.

victoria bow braylon edwards girlfriend picture

As we reported earlier Braylon Edwards fathered a beautiful baby boy with fashion blogger Ashton Whittington, he also is the father of three-year-odd Braylon with model Nik Pace. Let’s just clarified that he has been providing child support to both his sons.

Edwards is no longer with Pace and he is no longer dating Ashton but he is not a single man either, his girlfriend or fiancée  is Victoria Bow.

Unfortunately there is not much about sexy Ms. Bow. except that she is a model, lives in Miami and that during her birthday in March he  was not shy about confessing his undying love to Victoria who he described as his twin, his soul, earth, beginning and end..

Braylon Edwards girlfriend Victoria Bow

The strange thing about it al is that about a month or so after that he was spotted with another girl at a pool in Miami, and she was not Victoria Bow, and looking over at her tweets she hasn’t tweeted anything about Edwards or posted any pic, same thing with him, so probably they are no longer together.

Whatever that is I can tell you that Ms. Bow’s photos are worth looking at.

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