February 25, 2021

Visana Piccozi is MMA Junior Dos Santos Wife

Meet Visana Piccozi, she might be a stranger to many of us, but in her beautiful Brazil she is quite a popular gal, certainly the fact her husband is MMA fighter Junior Dos Santos helps a lot, you all know what they said after a great man is a great woman and Visana is remarkable.


28-year-old Junior Dos Santos also known as Cigano meaning gipsy in Portuguese was born in beautiful from Santa Catarina, Brazil. He turned professional in 2006 at the age of 21.

Cigano made his debut on October, 2008 at UFC 90 when he knocked out his compatriot Fabricio Werdum, he holds a record of 14 fights 13 wins 8 by KO and 1 loss. Junior Dos Santos is  a brown belt Jiu-Jitsu fighter as is part of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s Team Nogueira who he considers his hero.

While Nogueira might be  Dos Santos’ hero I am sure his  wife Visana Piccozi is his heroine and soul mate and because his other lives far from him,, he finds a lot of comfort in the home Visana has created for him.

She has witnessed the personal struggle her husband went throughout his career to get to the place he is today, as a teenager he used to work selling ice cream, be a newsboy and took other small jobs to put food in his mouth, because he was convinced to have a better life and earn more money he decided to move to Salvador where he worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant and it was while there that he met his future wife Visana Piccozi.

I can’t tell you if it was love at first sight or how or when they start dating, but when they got married they opened a toy store together, they had that store for over three years until it went out of business.

Sadly we are unaware what happened to Visana Piccozi after that or even if they had any children some people said Junior Dos Santos and his wife have a daughter but I can’t confirmed that info except that the cute little girl in the picture below is his, other than she lives in Brazil, do you know something else?

Check Junior Dos Santos’ Wife Visana in the photo album below.

Junior-dos-Santos-wife-Visana-Piccozi-piccVisana Piccozi Junior Dos Santos wifeVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-WifeVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-picsVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-photoVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-photosVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-picturesVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-pictureVisana-Piccozi-Junior-Dos-Santos-Wife-pic

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