January 28, 2021

WATCH VIDEO: Pep Guardiola Snubbes Cristiano Ronaldo!!!!

Check this video out, Pep Guardiola totally snubbed CR7  when he didn’t shake hands with Cristiano Ronaldo and just ignored him completely at the Ballon d’Or awards

Pep Guardiola snubbed Cristiano ronaldo ballon dor

If you are a soccer fan just like me you will remember that match between Barca and Madrid when Cristiano Ronaldo pushed Pep Guardiola for no reason whatsoever, that acti0on caused for Barca players like Iniesta and Pinto  that jumped in their coach’s defense, and well now can we say is was payback time? nah! Pep wouldn’t do that or would he??

It’s seems like he did, because when Ronaldo tried to shake him hand, he turned around, saw it was Ronaldo and ignored him Ouch!!!!

Well now see Pep Guardiola ignoring Ronaldo in the video below.. OUCH!!!!

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