February 25, 2021

Who is Jovan Belcher’s Secret Girlfriend

Before Jovan Belcher committed suicide and killed his girlfriend and mother of his kid, he texted his secret lover, Brittni Glass as we first hears a few weeks ago or is it another girl who was secretly dating Belcher?  it was this secret GF that he wrote to telling her about shooting (Kasandra) if she didn’t leave him alone.

Brittni didn’t realize the text messages from Jovan were a real threat and she even joked about it. Mistake!!! We should always take something like that seriously…Sometimes women don’t believe a menace is dangerous, we are so used to believe that when someone threats to do something bad, it is just a desperate call to beg for attention and sometimes the true intentions are real.

After he killed his girlfriend and then shot himself, she must have felt regret of not stopping him to do that crime. At least she should have tried to calm him down or even call his coach, do anything!

It wasn’t the first time Belcher complained to his secret girlfriend, Brittni, and she summarizes what he told her about Kasandra:

She knew exactly how to press his buttons and make him angry. Perkins had threatened to take all his money and his child.

The text  Belcher sent Brittni was written to her  less than two months ago. Many days before he finally got the guts to kill.

Brittni found him sleeping in his car outside her apartment. She didn’t confirm after the murder what was going on between both. She just confirmed this:

 I was with him that night, that’s it.

There were witnesses who saw Brittni and Jovan having dinner. The cops saw him sleeping outside her apartment and when asked by them why was he there, he answered:

I am here to visit my girlfriend, but she’s not home.

He then made a phone call and a  woman let him in. Maybe it was Brittni. He stayed there until 6:30 a.m. but the question is if Brittni is the same secret girlfriend, media has been talking about recently or it another girl, do you know?