January 22, 2021

Who is Michael Phelps New Sexy Brunette Girlfriend?

The newly bachelor Michael Phelps is partying as normally occurs after a split up, with a sexy brunette during Las Vegas trip. Who’s Phelps’s new girlfriend?

michael phelps's misterious brunnete pic

Phelps felt the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, so he decided to end it so he could pursue other options.

His ex-girlfriend quoted this on her Twitter:

Some people are settling down…some are settling…and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.

Someone close to the ex couple observed this:

Michael is like a puppy dog around Megan – he’s completely in love with her.

However, like any young girl hoping to make it in Hollywood, she’s ambitious and knows that by associating herself with Michael she will get a lot of press herself.

She’s desperate for her own fame – her career has been a slow-burner but this will certainly accelerate it.

Read about Michael Phelps ex-girlfriend Megan Rossee here

The most famous swimmer of the world was seen in the Bahamas last week with a new façade as party animal with a bikini-clad beauty.

He was then spotted very close to another brunette while on holidays in Las Vegas.

Phelps looked glad with a sexy brunette sunbathing on his spare time out of the pools.

The unidentified brunette wore a yellow vest top over her black bikini.

Last Thursday he was seen with another chick in the Bahamas.

Before the NYE he broke up with model girlfriend Megan.

Phelps was drinking champagne straight from the bottle and having a blast with his buddies. His Diesel underwear could be seen a little just to make our imagination fly…to our delight!

Phelps has grown his mustache and sideburns as he is not training now.

In my personal opinion, Phelps is going through the classical stage we all humans go through when we split up. After a break up, there is a denial period and then the time when we want to indulge ourselves and pamper ourselves too in order to feel good. Then, we start going out and I know it shouldn’t be done but…”One nail drives out another” or “A new worry takes your mind off the old one…”